Thursday 4 June 2020

Susie Character Doll needle Felting

This is a strange post as this needle felted doll was destined for the dust bin as she was a different character and I really didn’t like her.

Let me show you how she did look.

It was really annoying me so I picked her up ripped her hair off and started again.

I decided she needed to be platinum blonde and curly, I always wanted curly hair but I gather lots of people with curly hair want straight hair.

Her hair started off long but I decided to give her an up-do and tie it with a scarf.

I decided to place a sleeping bunny in her arms and those eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that I also gave her darker jeans.

Her sneakers are pretty cool, they took a lot of working out but I’m happy with them.

So this is Maggie and her Daughter Susie, Susie stands at 18 inches tall.

1 comment:

Laurian said...

You definitely worked your magic with Susie - she's awesome and I was shocked how big she is!
Well done she's definitely a fine addition to your growing collection! xxx