Saturday 4 February 2012

Midas Touch

I found some new pretties to play with today and it seams they have given me the Midas Touch, not really but I was playing around in my graphic program and loved this look.

midas touch

I found my pretties in a little haberdashery stall but I better let you see the real colours.

midas real

We made a New Years resolution to get our meat from our local butchers rather than the supermarket mostly because we think the local shops need supporting but more so because of the taste, last week however we ended up buying from the supermarket as if you remember Chris had took me out to get me some fresh air after being unwell, well it made us realise that the quality from the local butcher just knocked spots off the supermarket stuff.

So today we called into the butchers and I got my eye on some Oxtail, when I was at home oxtail was one of my Dads favourite dinners, the juices would drip off his chin, I have bought some and I will wear a bib when eating it.

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday and where ever you are you are warm and cosy, we are going for a pizza tonight and then sitting down to the TV as Mrs browns Boys is on tonight and it is the last one in the series, if you haven't yet seen it and you could do with a good old belly laugh it can still be found at BBC iPlayer here

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hollis58 said...

Looking forward to watching it myself hun - love the new look GOLD buttons and bunny lol tc Jak xxx

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done, it's amazing when you know what to do with the program??? I watch Mrs Brown's boys, I laugh from start to finish, I thought the swearing would put me off, but as the saying goes, It's the way you say it!!! Extremely funny. I totally agree about butchers meat.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jak,
I have to say that I too prefer my local village butcher to the supermarkets meat, the taste is so much nicer. I love the bits you have got yourself from the haberdashery stall, I look forward to seeing what you do with it all...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Lori m said...

Hi Jak, enjoy your pizza and TV, that show looks great, sorry to say one I've never seen.

Butchers, the memories you just woke up, my grandfather was a butcher my Mother's father, and my Dad took the business over.

How I miss the meat from back then, where I live the larger stores pushed the local stores out of business,and my father included.

Rest his soul, the stories to be told from the good times in that little "Butcher shop".

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Lori m

Mad Mary said...

I agree, local butchers much better than the supermarket stuff.

Recording Mrs Brown's Boys will watch it tomorrow.

You have some lovely little goodies there Jak, love them in both colours lol.

Mary xx

Elizabeth said...

Have not watched Mrs Brown's Boys and the link would not allow me to watch in the US.

We eat meat from a butcher here and have a greater variety. Never eaten Ox tail and may not. If it were served with no choice I would for sure try it. Our children are more adventurous than Ken & I.

Love the gold/copper looking buttons.

Don't fall in your ice.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think we raise our own jak, my cows & lambs eat nothing but grass which never sees chemical fertilizers & our pigs have a totally chemical free diet too.

Have to say.. Yer can't beat a good oxtail stew !! Rich onion gravy & a good chunk of fresh baked crusty loaf to mop up the plate with, puts hairs on yer chest and keeps ootthe cauld, its always the first bit of any cow we put in the freezer that gets used, even fillet gets passed over for oxtail !


sallysbitz2 said...

I can read what you have typed BUT no pics!!

Shall try again later x

hugs sally x