Tuesday 30 August 2011

Ribbon Storage

My name is Jak Heath and I am a Ribbonholic

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So much so that I had to buy five new shelves at Ikea, just to house some of my ribbon reels, the shelves are picture shelves and have a little lip at the front which is perfect for stopping the reels from rolling off, they cost £8.29 and as you can see in the pictures below they are also perfect for housing Martha Stewart and EK Success border punches.

I still have loads of ribbon in boxes and I intend trying to get some empty plastic ribbon reels to get them out of the boxes and onto my shelves.


I think I could set up shop lol!


I could do with a few more blue and a few more black methinks. Honest I need them all.


If any ribbon shops have some spare empty ribbon reels that need a good home please contact me.

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Jan said...

Love the shelves Jak I could do with some! Great idea. I need to go to Ikea now xx Jan

Maryann Laursen said...

HA ha ha ha ha ha You´re just like me, I can see ha ha ha. I´m also completrely addicted not just to ribbon, but to ribbon AND gorgeous papers he he. I have the same problem as you, so I really think, I´ll have to get on a trip to Ikea now to look for these shelves, as they seems great for this. About the empty reels, then I don´t think, you´ll have much luck, as I have asked in several stores here, and I even asked them not to remover the ribbon from the spool, when I boought the last on one a while ago, but they all say, they want to keep them, as they use them themself, so she wouldn´t even let me have this one, even I bought the last ribbon on it LOL.
I love the sight of all your gorgeous ribbons, and wish mine looked anything like this too. Thanks for showing it, it was great to have a glimse of, how you´re storing it too.
Have a great day and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

oh wow that look so great and tidy ... bugger i am not live UK but great idea to have that shelves to put all the ribbions and punches..... thanks for showing us

heidy said...

Hi Jak,looking good!
Hugs Heidy

Maureen said...

Nice idea, shame I don't have the wall space!

I've started using the empty CD cake boxes and spindles from my OH - the spindle's about 6 inches high, so how many it holds depends on the thickness of the ribbon, but it even holds a couple of 25m spools. And the cover means that dust etc gets kept off the ribbons, too.

Dawn said...

Ooooooo!!! All that ribbon!!!!!
Love those punches too! Wish I had a craft room!
Dawn xx

Unknown said...

Какой порядок!! как все хорошо организовано!!! Класс!!! Успехов Вашим желаниям!

Anonymous said...

Err ... so, Jak, are you sure ....
it's not a pic of a shop ???!!!!???
(he, he he, ha, ha, ha). lol !
Would love that much ribbon, but alas, I just don't have any more room for any more stuff, I don't have a craft room so it's all in boxes in cupboards - a real bear to get my stuff out at times, and then there's rembering where I "filed" it !!! ROFL.

PinksyDoodles said...

Oh it looks so pretty! All those lovely goodies so beautifully displayed.
I have these shelves for rubber stamps, I didn't even think about using them for ribbon storage. Thank you for the idea.
Clare x

Chris said...

Don't know if it helps, Jak, but I roll my ribbon round empty kitchen roll holders. That might help you until you get the empty spools.

My'scardcorner said...

OMG what alot you got ribbons and punches but how neat and tidy they are well done you and Ikea lol

Daisychain said...

Love the shelving Jak, it all looks very neat and tidy. I store my ribbon reels in white guttering which can be either wall mounted or free standing.

Maryann is right about the empty spools, shops are very reluctant to part with them. Anybody would think they were useful lol!

Hugs Christine x

Jo Street said...

Wow, it looks fantastic. I have loads of ribbon and it's everywhere! My hubbie made me a shelf unit for the reels to sit on, but its now full up. Might have to get myself some of those from Ikea.
Jo x

Thistledown said...

I am very impressed I would love to have the space for something like this, I love ribbon it's like handbags you can never get enough. lol.

Huguenot Girl said...

What a coincidence - I have been sorting my ribbon out but unfortunately I don't have your lovely shelves! Right off to browse Ikea's website ..... Thanks for the inspiration!

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
thank you for the idea to story some goodies, it looks amazing hunni
have a great day sweetie
hugs angelique

Lesley said...

Hi Jak, Great minds think alike! I have 8 of those Ribba shelves waiting for my friend's son to put up later this week. I originally bought them for wood mounted stamps but I see I am going to have to get a few more on my way home tomorrow (I'm cat sitting for my son at the moment) So much easier to create when you can see everything you've got! Lesley x

angie.dragonfly@ntlworld.com said...

i make my own ribbon reels.cut 2 circles (nesties are good for this).take an empty kitchen roll tube cut it twice the depth of your ribbon or there abouts.cut slits around top and bottom of kitchen roll,fold these cuts back,apply glue on them and add one of the circles each end add a weight of some sort to hold whilst the glue sets.hope this makes sense as im not very good at writing destructions

Anonymous said...

what a great idea Jak


sallysbitz2 said...

Jak I am totally JEALOUS Lol.
I thought it was a bloomin shop Lol

hugs sally x

Sheila - Ginger said...

Would love a mooch around your shop......oops craftroom! Lol!
Fantastic idea Jak.

Love Sheila xx

Donna said...

Wow! Wish I was that organized. A girl has to have a choice in ribbons. Perfectly reasonable to me. Love the storage for punches too!

Dawn Frost said...

Hi Jak, my name is Dawn and I too am a ribbonholic! LOL I have 5 drawers full of ribbon. Each drawer holds approx. 80 spools of ribbon. I don't think you have a problem at all!

Mad Mary said...

Oh WOW Jak, that is amazing!!! I must show my husband this and drop hints about the shelves. I don't have a lot of ribbons but i do have a good few punches.
Yes you could start a shop and yes you definitely need more black ribbons lol lol lol.

Mary xx

PepPop said...

I have ribbon envy LOL Great storage ideas though Jaqui x

Colleen said...

Love your shelf storage idea for your ribbon and punches.
Unfortunately I don't have enough wall space for all that I have.
Have sent you email by the way. :}

Laurian said...

Ikea have some wonderful things for the craft room - I have lots of the metal drawer units they take A4 paper/card perfectly and lots of other things as well!! Also fit under a desk well(until you run out of desk). Love the shelves though, well done you for lateral thinking.
I am packing my stuff up at the moment as having a rewire and new heating, seriously getting withdrawal every time I look at anything I want to get up to my playroom and play!!
Can't wait until I can unpack it all now.

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful! I love it when you can get supplies up on the wall instead of taking up floor space!
I have 150 to 175 spools and have found that "rain gutters" screwed to the walls hold the ribbon spools perfectly. And because they are a little deeper, you can roll your ribbon out and measure it without even taking it off the gutter.
This is great for me because I have a terrible habit of not putting things back where they belong. You can easily cut the gutters to any size. I Need to add shelves too...Love them...Rosanne

Elaine Stark said...

This looks so organised and impressive. Elaine

JennyH. said...

Hi Jak. Very organised and gorgeous. Have tried to find the shelves/racks on the Ikea site but to no avail -do you (or anyone else) have more info ?? Would love to use your wonderful idea. JennyH.

Turtle In The Sand said...

Definitely in need of more black and blue ribbon. Best hurry before the store is all sold out~~

Love the idea of using the kitchen rolls to house your ribbon.

Wish we had an Ikea near by. I'm always hearing everyone rave about what they buy there.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you have a BOYES in your area but they are really good in ours as I asked for empty spools and they still save them for me 18 months down the line!!!

bissecat said...

Heh,heh I anderstän you ,becauce I am Stamsholic..