Monday 22 August 2011

Promarker Tutorial Video Winner

Gosh I nearly forgot to do the draw for this, I’m going to blame it on a lazy Sunday, I was shattered after the Promarker class yesterday I forgot just how much a full day takes it out of me, still suffering with a bad back and it tends to go from being very uncomfortable to being unbearable and there is no warning sign in between. I think my days of full days tutorials and full days demo’s are numbered.

I totally forgot to take pictures on the day, but the class was amazing and all of their projects were fabulous, many of them were just needing the guidelines and the confidence to do it. I’m thinking they will be Promarker experts within a few weeks of practice.

So here is a peek of what we did.

promarker class

We covered lots of topics from hair colouring to drop shadows and backgrounds to curved shading.

Thanks Mo “ Mo’s Digital Pencil “  and Just Inklined for allowing me to use a couple of your images.

So on to the winners of the Tutorial Video's.

114. Eve Hammond and 433. Fiona

If you could both drop me an email with the subject marked as Promarker Video Winner and include your details I will pop them in the post for you.

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hollis58 said...

fantastic pics - they all did so well by the looks of it - well done all

Jan M said...

well done both of you - and Jak when you going to be releasing the dvd for us all to buy :)

Foxycrafts said...

Gosh - it sure looks like you all covered a lot of ground yesterday. Gorgeous images.

I feel the same and Jan - when are you going to be releasing the DVD for us poor souls who couldn't get to your class! ;o)

Love Joan xx

Kathyhay said...

fab pics I do hope you release the DVD for all to buy as it is so needed by such a lot of folk like myself who have bought all the promarkers but don't know what to do with them.

terrie said...

congrats to the winners...

Larisa said...

Great colouring!! Nice pictures!

Maryann Laursen said...

It sounds like you really had a great day and covered a lot of things there. Congrrats to the winners, and I also would like to know, when we can buy that DVD? I have asked a couple times before, but guess you never seen it, as I´ve never got any answers? But I would really love to buy one, as I simply can´t ,make it look right, when I use my markers, so I always ends up throwing it in the bin and starting all over with my pencils then LOL.
I hope, your back will get much better again soon hun, I know about having backtroubles only too well, so please be carefull, cause it never gets better if you don´t look out for yourself and listen to your body. So please do.

Jan said...

Thanks for a wonderful day Jak. I hope you are soon ok.
xx Jan

Dawn said...

So wish I lived nearer! I'd love to be in that masterclass!
Well done the winners!
Dawn xx

Mad Mary said...

Wow, fantstic colouring on those images. Well done to the winners, i am sooooooooo jealous!! Look after yourself Jak, please please please sell your promarker DVD.

Mary xx

Craftie Annie said...

Hi Jak,
I'm sure you gave wonderful explanations because the pictures look superb! You really should sell the CD because loads of us would buy it.
But, more than anything, look after yourself, you're too precious to be out of action.
Love and 'get better' hugs
Ann xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your back Jak, I know that one only too well, sounds like the class was a hit though.
Well done to the two video winners.

Hamrow said...

Looks as though you taught a lot. Thank you for naming me as one of the winners. Can´t wait to get my tutorial. I am so excited. Do hope the back is feeling better soon. Take care.

Eve xx

sue said...

hope you feel better soon jak, learnt a lot at class, highly recomend for anyone to go if you do it again, well worth it.xx

Pam said...

Congratulations Eve & Fiona! I am sooooo jealous lol!! Hope you girls enjoy your DVD!!