Saturday 16 October 2010


It's not my Birthday, It's not my Anniversary, he ain't in the bad books, yet I got a bouquet from my wonderful husband today.
Now this can mean one of two things, either he loves me orrrrrrrrr he has done something that he daren't tell me about yet ha ha!
Either way they are gorgeous & I'm feeling a very spoilt girl at the moment.


Tammy said... wonderful to get a surprise like that.

SEO Agency said...

You're a lucky lady. After 20 years of marriage I get to go and watch football at the pub on my anniversary!

Mad Mary said...

It's love Jak and they are gorgeous :-)

Mary xx

Lorraine said...

aww these are lovely and i bet its because he loves you xx

Anonymous said...

Ah Jak it's got to be love and appreciation. By the way does he run seminars on the subject? LOL

Mary Mac

Trina said...

How sweet!

Sheila - Ginger said...

Beautiful Jak...they are probably just because he loves you!!

Love Sheila xx

Jeni said...

Beautiful and sooo sweet! ~jeni :)

Scentsy said...

No matter the occassion, you are right, they are beautiful! Enjoy! Love your crafts, blog and I just became a follower on your blog and Facebook.