Monday 25 October 2010

***News Flash***

I give up!

All night I tell you, all night I have been trying to get something right to show you tomorrow.

I started after my tea and I've just got it finished, I'm thinking at the moment I should lay down my craft tools and not pick them back up until after Christmas.

I have been crafting most of the day at work but that is on things that I can't show as yet and yes, I know, I am privileged to have a job that is also my hobby but it also means that it is a 24/7 kind of craft and I feel mentally burnt out.

So if the photography takes as long as the project I have just finished it may well be after Christmas before you see it.

If I'm not back here by morning can someone come and rescue me????


Marcea said...

standing by to come save you sweetie ..... I am sure whatever you have made it is fabulous .... you are such an inspiration hun xxx
sleep well xxx

Lorraine said...

right im on the train as we speak just don't go anywhere Lorraine to the rescue.
I do hope you feel a little better soon you sound so stressed why not lye down with some hot cocoa xx

Mad Mary said...

I'm sure it will be gorgeous Jak and maybe you are just needing a rest after having your gorgeous wee grandson yesterday.
You deserve a break so give yourself some "me" time.

Lots of hugs

Mary xx

ps, a bit too far to come from Scotland to rescue you lol

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

(((Big Hugs))) I know what you mean, and all I can say is, it's a good job it's recycling week this week!! My bin was very hungry over the weekend!!! lol A better day today though...thankfully :0)

I'm on standby to rescue!!! ^.^

Debbie Pamment said...

I feel your pain Jak!! Hang in there!

Christine said...

It must be so hard to do this for work, and then for your hobby too! Hope you can find your mojo again soon... maybe do some things that are *just* for fun!!

Amanda said...

Hey, your creations are always great, you on a bad day would beat me hands down, but yes, I understand it cant be easy doing it all day every day. Hope you feel better soon, love all your work!