Friday 19 March 2010

Slimming World Update

This week I lost 1LB I know in an ideal world I would like to loose it all tomorrow but how come people loose 2 & 3 lb's each week? how do they do it?
Green I tell you! I'm totally envious.
My other news is I was back to hospital seeing the specialist on my psoriasis and they are putting together a plan for me to start with injections, I will have to learn how to inject myself to administer a drug that should give me some quality of life and help with the Psoriatic Arthritis too.
The singing detective holds nothing to me at the moment.
Hopefully in 6 weeks time I will be starting my treatment.


Marge said...

Congrats on the 1 lb. -- it's a step in the RIGHT direction, not backwards, so be proud of yourself! I've lost 2 (total), but have only just begun & REMEMBER, those of us who have MORE to lose, lose faster in the beginning, so hang in there, Jak! My happiness today is that I was up and on the treadmill before 6:30 AM! Woo-Hoo!
I do so hope your psoriasis treatments help you; what a blessing that would be!!!

Myrna said...

Congrats on the loss !!!! One day at a time dear.
Wishing you all the best with your treatment.
I am so thrilled you share your work with us all. Thanks.

Linda . J said...

Well done Jak on the loss every little helps and good luck with the treatment.
Hugs Linda

mckinkle said...

Well done on your loss, a loss is a loss and you know what they say: loose it quick, gain it quicker. I can sure vouch for that over my life!

I loose more weight on what they used to call 'green' days if they still do them? I know they started mixing red and green days but I couldnt ever shift anything then! My body seems to like green or red but thats just me.

Very pleased to read that you are due to start a new treatment, I do hope it is a great success for you. I can't imagine what you've endured over time.

Keryn x

Sue from Oregon said...

Congrats...just remember 1 lb equals 1 pound of butter...that is a lot of weight!

Lexi said...

I lost 1.1/2lb last week and put on 1/2lb this week lol gutted then hubby got on the scales and the woman whispers you lost 3.1/2lb :O so i punched him..its the super speed foods that does it i've been looking through my book for all of them and eating as many of them as i possibly can lol i will beat him this week i'm determined

Good luck with the treatment hun

Hugs Lexi xxx

Deonna B said...

Congrats on your 1# weight loss. I can also tell you that i take injections for Rheumatoid Arthritis every week and it was the best decision that i ever made. It will definetly change the way you feel(for the better) It is so worth the shot. Good luck to you!

My'scardcorner said...

1 ld off is better than a 1 ld on keep at it:0) Good luck with the injections hope they help.

Pam Swadling said...

Well done on the 1lb loss Jak. It's still a step in the right direction. Hope the psoriasis treatment works for you.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Well done Jak....your 1lb loss is a step forward and not a step backwards. Good luck with the new treatment.

Love Sheila xx

marian said...

One lb lost is better than one pound gained, so think of it as two pounds lost :).
I agree with the post above...picture a pound of butter and then one is AMAZING
Best of luck with your treatment

Unknown said...

I hope all goes well with your treatment. My daughter has just (4weeks ago) developed extensive psoriasis and she is 31 weeks pregnant. We spent all yesterday afternoon at the James Cook Hospital and saw a really lovely Dermatologist who was very reassuring that baby would be find, but was unable to offer any form of aggressive treatment until after the baby is born. She is finding it hard to handle at the moment, but hopefully after the birth they will be able to help her. This is not doing Mum much good either!!