Saturday 27 March 2010

Slimming - Diet update

Isn't it strange that when you feel you've failed you do the best?
This week I lost 2lb so in total so far that is 11lb I've lost(woop,woop)
I still havent noticed feeling any less in weight but my Mam says she can see it now in my face. I Just need to lose it off my tummy next please.
I'f I could get to the stage where my tummy no longer sits on my lap when I sit on the loo I'd be a happy bunny.
My Mam is doing marvelous and has lost 13lb, she goes to a sit and get fit club and she loves it and she also goes to the hydrotherapy pool too, my Mam is in a wheelchair so isn't as active as most but she doesn't let this stop her (so proud of my Mam)
How have you done this week?

Well I'm 1 week down on my 6 weeks wait for treatment of my psoriasis, I really don't know how I am going to wait another 5 weeks, I'm sore and uncomfortable, I scratch so hard during the night and I am terrified that I loose my hair as it is so thick on my head at the moment.
I remember when I first got psoriasis, I was 21 and just had Lauren, I remember going to the hospital for my first appoinment and seeing lots of people with alopecia many caused through psoriasis, oh lord let me skip this please.


Marge said...

Really glad you had such success in your dieting, but very sorry you have such a long wait to get your needed treatment. Can't imagine how awful that must be!

Kevin Renz said...

Awesome job Jak... no weight loss for me, but I really should. And I just want to give you a squeeze and say that it will be all right in the end... To put it bluntly... waiting sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, well done with the diet, just keep going, it will all be worth the effort in the end!!! I feel so sorry for you feeling so sore and itchy, keep busy and those 5 weeks will rush by!!! Best wishes Jak for your forthcoming treatment.
Luv L xx

My'scardcorner said...

Well doneyou on losing 2lbs this week Hope your appointment comes round soon so you can get some ease from the itching .Well done to your mam too.

Mad Mary said...

Jak well done to you and your mum. You are doing so well.A little at a time and it stays off longer Jak.
I am on medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis which also makes your hair fall out. I have been on the medication for about 7 months now and although a lot of hair falls out when i wash it and i panic so far looking at myself in the mirror i cannot see any difference. It feels thinner but no actual bald patches.
I do hope the 5 weeks pass quickly for you and you can get on with your new treatment.

Mary x

mckinkle said...

Well done Jak and your Mam, great weight loss and you're keeping with it and thats the really hard thing.

I hope your next 5wks is a bit quicker in passing than the 1st week. Maybe having the Easter holiday might help.

Keryn x

Anonymous said...

Well done Jak on your weight loss. Your doing really well. Have you tried E45 for your psoriasis. My mam had psoriasis all over her body so I have an inkling of what your going through. My friend also has it but not quite as bad but she has tried E45 for a few weeks now & her skin is actually healing & looking great. Mandy

Unknown said...

Keeping everything crossed for you Jak, it's not nice and hopefully it will calm down soon! Big Hugs! btw the wee man is soooo very dinky!