Thursday 18 March 2010

Pre- Birthday - Oooo the Diet

We have a little tradition at work that means whenever we have a Birthday we must have cake, diet or not..
Well I have a Birthday coming up next week and as I won't be back in the office until the week after that we had cake Wednesday. I know, I know I'm trying to slim, but hey you'd be proud of me, I was soooo good.
The only thing I ate was one chocolate, not another thing passed my lips (sigh).


Merry said...

What a good looking cake. You did well only having one bit of chocolate. My birthday is in the next couple of days...I will be sure to have your share of cake too. Happy Birthday.

Marge said...

Oh, you're sooo good! I'm trying (on my own & w/hubby's occasional help!) and it's sooo hard! UGH! I've only gone up 7 lbs. from my highest, so now I AM the highest # I've ever weighed, but why does it all settle around the middle?!!! NO fair!!! Spread all around I wouldn't look so HUGE!!! LOL!!!

Mad Mary said...

Well done Jak, i am proud of you. That cake is gorgeous and must have been so tempting.

Mary x

diethem said...

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