Sunday 7 March 2010

Diet Update

Well I went along to the slimming club on Thursday & I have to admit I was dreading it, I had a horrendous 3 weeks and trying to get back on track seemed impossible.
I gingerly stepped on the scales terrified at the result, but, to my delight I had maintained the weight I was before I went away.
So I felt inspired and on Friday I was extra good.
Saturday came and I was very very good until I had Pizza for tea.
Today I have been good up until my lovely hubby went to Asda and bought me a Maple Pecan Pastry.
How on earth do I loose weight.
How have you all been doing?


Viv said...

Hubbys are wonderful aren't they???? LOL I've stopped mine from cooking... cos I always end up having seconds... so ... on to my update. Have taken to walking at least 2 miles every morning (on my own and as long as it's not raining)and at least 3 miles every evening after tea (with OH). I have lost just 5 pounds in 5 weeks but at least am losing it, albeit slowly! I have another 13 pounds to go to reach my target weight and to get back into my size 12 jeans!
Stick with it Jak!!!

Katie L Oakley said...

Hmm... Dont even get me started on my diet lol :) I didnt go for 3 weeks, went back to weigh in and had stayed the same. I thought that the next week, I would try REALLY hard and went on the Wii fit 4 times, ate healthily, got on the scales last Weds and... Stayed the same AGAIN! Blimming things we do to get slim eh! :) Goodluck with it anyway xx

Toni said...

I just had half a big bar of galaxy with hubby and I'm eying up the lemon cake on the side for the movie interval. Will be back on track tomorrow when the kids are at school and I cant raid the junk food then,as Ive got a rottwieler in the house that stops me lol

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Well done you!! Staying the same is always better than putting any on.
I finally feel in a good enough place to join in on my own mission. So glad I don't have an OH to buy me Maple Pecan Pastries!!! yum!! :)

Joyce across the Pond said...

Between April - November last year I lost 2 stone but that was with the help of Xenical....the blueys the Dr will give you if you are over a certain BMI...think it's do have to monitor your fat intake or suffer the consequences which I won't bore you with - walking was my only exercise...I did regain 5 lb since 1 November and am battling to get back to my strict but manageable regime again....the cold weather was disastrous and I was always looking for comfort hopefully we'll get back to salads when it warms up. Salad doesn't do it for me when it's cold. Keep going's worth it in the end...smaller clothes buying is such a great feeling.

sassyb07 said...

It is hard to lose weight when you have a darling hubby, that by the way does not need to lose any, LOL!
mine is very active whereas I am not. I am getting better though, I now go out for walks when it's not raining and am eating healthier than I've been in the last few months. I have lost 2 pounds in the last few weeks, nice and slow is the way to go.
We're having our 16 month old granddaughter for a few days so I'll be much more active with her here, LOL!
Sounds like you ladies are doing very well, good luck everyone!
Have a great week
hugs, Valerie