Sunday 17 August 2008

Nephew's Wedding Day

The Wedding of Craig and Claire

Well we had a sun filled day so we were blessed as the weather of late could have made this day so very different.
Both Bride and Groom were radiant and enjoyed their special day.

The 2 best dressed boys my great Nephews Dylon who is 3 in December who is quite the whirlwind when trying to get a picture of him and Layton born 8th July dressed in the tiniest waistcoat and cravat.

Chris was Usher and looked quite dapper, Natalie kept me company while her Dad was doing his duties.

The Reception
The reception was at Lumley Castle which is full of wondrous images I couldn't resist taking pictures of the walls and the ceiling and heard many a comment like "I bet we see some of them shots in a card form" ha ha well maybe we will.
The first image below was in a corridor that we had to walk through to get to the reception room although some thought it was spooky I found it all quite charming.
If you click on the pictures of the ceiling and walls you will see just how beautiful the plaster work is.

The Bridal Suite
The first 2 pictures I couldn't resist I think the toilet was made for midgets it was so low and the second picture just totally cracked me up this was the comic mags hanging on the back of the door.

Craig striking a pose for me and the champagne bucket with the strawberry filled glasses

the room was filled with character


Cazz said...

oh wow - what a stunning location for a wedding xxx The weather was very kind to you and the bride lookd beautiful xxx Glad you had such a lovely day xx

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had a good day too. The ceilings look very similar to those at Fountains Hall - I wonder if they are around the same era. You and Natalie look great and the bride and groom very happy. The littlies are so cute too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jak looks a wonderful venue for a weddding. Everyone looks lovely

Toni said...

Looks like it was a great day Jak you look fabulous as odes the rest of the family great piccies

Sheila - Ginger said...

Wonderful photos Jak and the venue looked stunning just like the bride.

love Sheila xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely day and the weather was good also. Even though I only live 5 minutes away from Lumley Castle I have only ever been there once for a banquet but I cannot remember those fabulous ceilings.

Chrissie said...

So pleased to hear that you all had a wonderful day and that everything went well. Fabulous photos Jak and the bride looked beautiful (as all brides should)

Linda said...

Lovely photos Jak. Leyton is just cute. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding in a lovely setting.....l went to a mediaeval banquet there.......and woo hooooo at last l've seen youe Chris lol....luv Dimps xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow what some lovely pics it must of been a grand day and it looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. What a beautiful setting.

Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

brilliant photos Jak and what a lovely venue, only been to Lumley castle once years ago and have to agree its a beautiful place
Glad you all had a lovely day and the weather stayed good for you

Norma x

Liz said...

Fantastic photos Jak you all look like you are having a brilliant day. The bride & co look beautiful as does the venue.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.Fab pictures of the family and castle Dont you just love Weddings.A real chanch to have a family get together....


Beryl K said...

Glad the weather was good for you. The photos are fantastic and what a wonderful place to have a wedding. You all look beautiful especially the bride.
Beryl x

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Jak you obviously had a great day; so glad the weather was kind to you. ( I always take photos of architecture, too :))


Suzanne said...

Wow what wonderful pictures - thanks for sharing them

Glad you had a wonderful day