Wednesday 25 June 2014

Growing Mushrooms

What a week I've had and it's only Wednesday.
We knew this year we were going to have to sort out the back room to our house, the wall leading to the outside of the house was damp and the little pantry offshot was very damp.
I got the shock of my life when bottoming the back room, I went to close a door which is always open up against the wall and was faced with the most wonderful large specimen of a mushroom. I just sat and cried. I wanted to move house, somewhere that was new and not over 100 years old as ours is.
Thankfully we know a builder who is wonderful and he is here as I type knocking the walls back to brick ready to treat them, then rebuild them back.
I did however catch him doing his Oor Wullie impression sitting on a bucket in the yard catching a sneaky break.
Now I know you all want to see the specimen that I found so here it is in all of its glory.
Isn't it a beauty?


Maryann Laursen said...

Yes maybe if it was found out in the nature, but if I had found it inside, I´m afraid, I would sit down and cry too LOL. That´s some of what we have to deal with, when we live in such old houses. I also always find, there´s things that needs to be looked at all the time, and as you finish one thing, the next is already peeking out I think LOL.
But I wish you all the best in getting a nice and dry place, when it´s all done.

My'scardcorner said...

Oh dear Jak good job you know a good builder bet it will soon be sorted.Good luck

Janette said...

Oh dear Jak, feel for you, I have damp problems, what a pain...glad your getting it sorted..xx

Dawn said...

Wowsers! That is impressive! Hope it's a goos as new in no time & you can get back to normal! Remember, you survived the kitchen, you'll get through this no bother!
Big Hugs
Dawn xx

Mad Mary said...

Very impressive mushroom Jak, glad you have a honest hard working builder. We know a good bunch of lads too. Wouldn't go past them for any work we want done. Won't be long till you are all sorted i'm sure xx

Mary x

Tammy said...

At least you found it before it was half way up your wall!

Marion Bull said...

You would have a different lot of problems in a new house Jak so thank goodness for your good builder and your lovely well built elderly house. it will soon be as good as new! xx

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

I would have cried too , we had an Edwardian house once , I loved it , but called it the money pit , learn't some good diy skills though . As they say in Wigan "it'll be reat".