Sunday 6 April 2014

So Pretty at Night

Chris and I headed out for a little stroll along the sea front tonight, it was a lovely night and we needed some fresh air.  I love the night walks, it hides all the imperfections of the daytime view.

The Port of Seaham

Photo 06-04-2014 20 41 03

look over to the Marina

Photo 06-04-2014 20 41 12

Even Church street has a beauty on an evening.

Photo 06-04-2014 20 42 50

And then along to the strip.

Photo 06-04-2014 20 45 13

Now Flats but this was once our Police Station.

Photo 06-04-2014 20 45 23

Photographs aren’t the best as they were took from my phone but I guess you can see what I love about the evening walks.

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Dawn said...

Looks fab Jak! A nice evening for a stroll!
Dawn xx

Cheryl W. said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. So much fun to see the wonderful sites in your part of the world.

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh yeah I can sure see, why you love them, it looks really awesome and soo beautiful and peacefull somehow that time of the day. And it really was a beautiful evening for a stroll, that´s for sure.

Mad Mary said...

Thanks for sharing these with us, looks so peaceful & i don't think my phone would have taken such clear pictures in the dark..

Mary x

Linda Simpson said...

Lovely photographs of your evening walk. Thank you for sharing.
Linda xxxx

Sandra H said...

These are so lovely thank you for sharing them x