Sunday 14 July 2013

Summer Sun


There's nothing nicer than sitting in the garden with the person you love, relaxing together in the warm sunshine.

We've been out and about choosing taps handles and work tops as the renovations for the kitchen start later this month, then met up with our daughter for a coffee and a quick look at some vintage vehicles down at the harbour sea front.

Well a man can dream can't he, Chris standing next to an Aston Martin.

There was also a firm favourite for the men there a traction engine

Then home for some us time and to relax before heading off to jack's tea party.

Wow it was hot wasn't it?

Jack had a wonderful party and I was so good not picking from the table although I was so so tempted.

We finished our day off with a little walk after our dinner.

I hope whatever you were doing on Saturday that it was as relaxing as our day was.



Linda Simpson said...

Lovely photographs! I had a fab day yesterday at Doncaster, bought lots of lovely new crafty stash.

Linda xxx

Maryann Laursen said...

Some wonderful pics Jak, and yes it was an awesome weather yesterday. Just a shame it didn´t last today too LOL, but then I at least got my blog updated too with some finished work.

Mad Mary said...

Fab pictures Jak and looks like you had a ball. Can't relax this end, my dad has been in hospital for the last 6 weeks and will be in for a long time to come.

Mary x