Sunday 11 November 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

We are on the last leg of having Jack stay with us as his Mam and Dad come back today.

I have to say Jacks vocabulary is amazing, isn't it amazing how not only do the have to remember each word but they also have to know in which way to use that word, yet here he is little rent a gob spurting out words in the right format and words that you wouldn't expect a three year old to know.

He is at that age that whatever Granda is doing he has to do and here he is proving my theory.

They were watching you've been framed a personal favourite of them both.

So now to prepare the Sunday roast ready for his Mam and Dad getting here.



Angela D said...

That is such a cute photo, treasure it, moments like that are few and far between when they get older lol

ellyscard creatief said...

O wow I can't waith to see my grandchilderen.It is being 10 months now. Long time for my and I have to waith 2 months from now.
I se them on skype so I mist not all.
Gr Elly

Anonymous said...

fab picture, brings back memories

Mad Mary said...

Definitely two peas in a pod. What a great picture Jak. Hope your ears recover soon lol.

Mary x

Tammy said...

Bless them both!

Lori m said...

Such a sweet little one, he's adorable and great photo for the album of Jack and his Granda.

These little ones grow so quick our grandson will be 3 this week, just hard to think he's going to be 3 already.

Enjoy, hugs, Lori m

sallysbitz2 said...

Aww lovely x

hugs sally x

Linda Simpson said...

A fabulous photograph Jak, thank you for sharing. I am sure you will treasure this, maybe on a scrapbook page :)

Linda dxxxx

Dawn said...

Lol! Too cute!
Dawn xx

Debbie J said...

So adorable! Miss mine sooo much. They live about 2,000 miles away and it's been about seven months since we've been together. Thank goodness he likes to yap on the phone and Skype. At almost four he has a lot to say -- and says it very clearly. They grow so fast.

sue said...

. lovely photo.carnt wait for grandchildren,be a few years yet.

Mary Roberson said...

This is one of those photos that should be framed and hung at the mantle so that it can be enjoyed regularly. Precious photo!