Tuesday 11 September 2012

La Pashe Cards and Day 2 meals

First my La Pashe Cards from Create and Craft TV

Petite Sheets, I just love a Christmas Robin Card

Garden robin

Behind Closed Doors and Drawers Salvation Army, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Closed Doors

Behind closed doors and drawers3

Open Doors, sorry the image caught the light but I took this in the Green Room and the sun was blazing through the window.

Behind closed doors and drawers4

Pickles and Podge

Bear in a box

Todays Meals






Pastryless Quiche



Large gammon Steak (grilled)

New potatoes



Green Beans

Peas and sweetcorn




I’m going to have some melon

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Wendy L said...

Great set of cards. And nice menu. xxx

Jo Rice said...

Fab cards Jak, mine came yesterday... Thank you , it is brilliant....hugs. X

hollis58 said...

Love the cards and the menu lol suits me fine x

Joyce said...

Love the cards Jak ...and the menus! The pastryless quiche looks and sounds delicious. Will try this ...
Think your next project (in your spare time of course!!??!) could be a 'Slimmers Cookbook'
Love and hugs xx

Sandra H said...

So beautiful they are and the memu too!

Tammy said...

Wow, each one is so, so beautiful and elegant! Congrats on your healthy eating, I'd hate to admit what I ate today!

Lori m said...

Each card is so pretty, the cardinal is one of my favorites.

Hugs, Lori m

ursula Uphof said...

Such a lovely cards and your menu is great. Love your pastryless quiche. Will be trying it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

Mad Mary said...

Great cards and thanks again for the menu. Yum Yum.

Mary x