Friday 27 April 2012

5 of my Cards for £10


****Please No More Requests For Now Until I take stock****

Would you be interested? I have so many cards that I just don’t know what to do with them, I’m more interested in getting the cost of the embellishments back than getting money for the work that went into them, I’m not after making money on who I am like many I have seen, I know some that sell there cards in excess of £45 which I happen to think is daylight robbery.
So 5 cards pot luck which ones you get and it would cost you £10 plus p&p
here is a small selection of the ones you could get
If you are interested, email me.
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Mad Mary said...

I think this is a great idea Jak! I for one want some :-)

Mary xx

Dorcas said...

I'm in the same predicament Jak. What a great idea!

Christine Harrop said...

Fabulous idea Jak. Yooou are being very generous!

Marianne said...

I think your cards are wonderful! But I make my own :-( Succes! Hugs, Mrarianne

Jen Nelson said...

Great idea Jak!! I'm in the same boat been thinking about doing a craft fair x

Thistledown said...

I think you are being very generous but as I make a scary amount of cards which I mostly give to charities to help raise funds my husband would have a fit if he thought I was buying some in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

great idea, i would love some.
Chrissy x

Mary Roberson said...

thats a great idea, Jak

jordiegirl said...

Brilliant idea Jak but I too make my own and have a few lying around the house waiting to be purchased!

I never charge for the time it takes me to make any cards as it would end up costing the earth!!!!! I have never charged more than £5 for a card then that is only for the giant ones!!!! I usually price mine from about £1 - £2 unless it's something very special I've been asked to make.

Well done in getting some orders for what you've made.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jak
I am sorry I have missed OUT on been able to purchase some of your work its outstanding maybe next time I'll get to your blog on time, great blog! by the way.
kind regards from Sam.

sallysbitz2 said...

This is a great idea Jak.

I know what it's liking storing cards you have made.
I had 95 cards made, 35 in boxes, some with envelopes & cellophane sleeves & some with just envelopes.

During the Easter hols, I donated them all to the Royal Marsden.
On Friday I received a touching letter from them. It made my day.

I chose the Royal Marsden in Sutton, because that is where my Dad was treated. Until you actually step inside one of these hospitals you don't know how heart breaking it is in what you see.

hugs sally x