Saturday 31 March 2012

Nail Results

Ok nails are done, I have to say they are much better than they were but not as good as I would have liked.

As you can see from the pictures below I didn’t have much for them to work with. I struggle to grow my nails with the psoriasis and I would have like to have kept them totally natural but because I wasn’t totally happy with the result I painted them.

Before pictures


before nails1


before nails2

After Pictures


after nails1


after nails2

Ok thats it, we’re off out for our meal with Sheena and husband Russ and i’ll try to get some pictures if we come up for breath.

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Unknown said...

Wow Jak great nails , have a fab meal, my sister has same probs with psoriasis , know what your going through.
Have a good weekend Hugs Elaine

Ita said...

they look very good Jak

Lynnette said...

Looking good Jak xxxx

Jacqueline Baylis said...

have you ever tried a product called Nailtiques? I used to be a therapist and this nail product has some really good results..

Lesley (Middlesbrough) said...

looking good Jak, have a lovely time out with Sheena, I can only imagine what a giggle it will be with you two out for the night. :)

Jo Rice said...

Great nails Jak.
Enjoy your meal, knowing Sheena there will be lots and lots of chat!.
Hugs. Jo.R. xx

hollis58 said...

Nails look good Jak - have a great evening out x

applejack cards by sue said...

Fantastic nails Jak, do you find you are gesticulating more? I know I did when I used to have mine done. I hope you had a great night out.

Mad Mary said...

Fab nails Jak, can you do anything with them on?? I couldn't on my wedding day lol.

Have a great time tonight.

Mary x

terrie said...

very nice nails..I like the color that used...

Mary Roberson said...

The polish made them appear much longer, I think. A pretty shear color would have looked nice too.
Your nails aren't bad at all. You should see mine-so brittle from frequent handwashing-they break off very easily!