Sunday 4 March 2012

In Charge of a Crane…

As some of you know my ever suffering husband Chris, started model making for his train layout, well the tables have turned as now he is the one shouting “in a minute” when something needs doing or if dinner is ready and we have to wait until he’s at a part he can leave to one side while he is having dinner or the likes.

Anyway he is busying himself making a Gantry Crane and my word there is some work going into it, I’m thinking I may have to graffiti my name on the side of it as I helped with some of the cutting out on this one.

pop over to his blog and take a look at some of his work, show it to your husbands I’m sure they'll be impressed. Wynyard Lane Models

chris crane

The picture above shows the bogey part of the Crane.

Jak Signature


hollis58 said...

Hi Jak - my hubby was very impressed with Chris' (and you!!) work. He has a model railway in our spare bedroom and plays(!!) with it all the time lol

Nicky said...

Wow my hubby has just started his model railway and is into building kits but had never heard of ones he could download - thanks for the information from yourself and your DH

Cheryl W. said...

Showed my husband Chris' blog, trying to inspire him. Not sure it's working. He thinks it looks way too difficult and fiddly for him. Chris' models are incredible!

Lori m said...

I was lost looking at the miniatures your husband created. WOW!! Amazing talent you both have, just fabulous, now how do you share all those markers with out any tiffs?

Love the little guy on your card and since our grandson's name is Noah, perfect card.

Hugs, Lori m

June Nelson said...

Wow Jak hes amazing and you are both so talented, ooh I fancy trains now lol xxxxxxx

Mad Mary said...

I look at Chris's blog and just love what he's doing, it's a great hobby. My husband's hobby is model aeroplanes and they are not small ones! Yes Jak you HAVE to graffiti your name on it!! Would make it look even more authentic lol.

Mary x