Wednesday 7 March 2012

Eeek! I Bought a Card

Being an avid card maker it is few and far between that I buy a shop card. Most people expect a hand made card and it always feels as if I’m cheating if I do buy one.

Last year while we were in Kendal (my favourite place on earth) I was window shopping, not many places you can do that these days as most of the shops have metal shutters. Anyway I spotted some very, very interesting cards and went back the next day to take a closer look at them.

being from a fishing village ourselves I knew I had to make a purchase and actually, shamefully I bought three cards. They are all swinging cards that pop out 3d but lay flat in an envelope, ingenious the way they have been made.

The fishing Village.

santoro swing card3

I took a couple of photo’s from different angles so you can see how clever it is.

santoro swing card2

This one is destined for my Mother and Father–in-laws Anniversary, they lift in the same village as us so will totally appreciate it.santoro swing card1

The company that make these are called Santoro. Not cheap but very different.

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hollis58 said...

These are brilliant cards - so far looked but resisted temptation to buy lol - same as you people expect hand made ones now lol x

Tammy said...

Awesome card Jak, cannot wait to see how you will recreate it!

Melba said...

Knowing you, I will expect a tutorial soon on how to make these cards. Nothing is impossible when it comes to you and your talent.

Elizabeth said...

Great card..

Before reading the comments I thought about you recreating it. Will be waiting.

Sally-Ann Huson said...

Hi Jak, these cards used to be sold in Darrell Lee (the chocolate shops here in Australia) and they stopped stocking them. I am delighted to have found them again. Funny thing they also do the Gorjuss girls and I have used their decoupage sheets before and just didn't connect these cards with the 3D sheets - small world eh?
If anyone is interested Santoro's web address is:

Linda said...

They are fab cards and I can see why you couldn't resist buying them.

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

Wow they're fabulous but in your defence they're more like ornaments than cards :c) x

Mad Mary said...
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Mad Mary said...

You are more than allowed to buy cards like that Jak, so very unusual and i am sure your in laws will more than appreciate it.
My dad loves boats so he would also appreciate a card like this. The place my dad was brought up as a young man looks very much like this card.

Mary x


oh wow i love these, they are stunning more a work of art than a card. I bought a card the other day and nearly dropped when i saw the prices they charge now for a standard card but these ones i would pay dearly for, stunning xx

My'scardcorner said...

No wonder you gave in and bought some Jak they are fantastic and well thought out would be hard to handmake Im sure.

Angela D said...

Wow, those are really neat cards, no wonder you gave in and bought them!

Unknown said...

Santoro are so clever what a FAB card.
Thanks for sharing Jak
Hugs Elaine

Marcea said...

I almost choked on my coffee when I read your post title however you are forgiven for they are just gorgeous xxxxxx

Unknown said...

They are very clever cards, I think you could be forgiven for buying one (or 3!)
My brother bought one for me for my birthday with a Formula One car on it - I spent ages looking at it to see if I would ever be able to make something like it. But I just wouldn't have the patience!


Unknown said...

These are so so clever! I can't blame you for buying them! Have you worked out how to make them yet?? ;)
Lizy x

Sue said...

Wow,can't say I have seen these cards Jak,Its great.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jak i dont do much blogging but glad i seen these they are brilliant and i am sure you can be forgiven for buying them
Our Victoria now lives in kendal can you give me an idea where the shopis please
Norma x

mo said...

Hi Jak,Have been following your blog for quite a while now,so thought it was time I let you know how much I enjoy it.Love reading about your family,and hope they are all well.Also thanks for the lovely freebies they are much appreciated.