Thursday 16 June 2011

Guilty as Sin

I managed to get a card made, thank you for all the well wishes. It all started last Wednesday when I felt like I’d been swallowing razor blades then the bad head aches started, I took the Thursday off work feeling quite poorly, Friday was much the same but I had so much to do that I had t just try and forget about it. Saturday morning the day of the wedding started with a couple of headache tablets and feeling pretty rough, got to the hairdressers they plied me with coffee. came home and more headache tablets, I put on a face of makeup for the wedding and got through it with smiles.

Saturday evening when we got home I made a hot toddy and Chris went off to bed, around 2 am I started the shakes I just couldn’t control them, I got into bed and snuggled up to Chris who thankfully put his arm around me and helped them to go away, Sunday I felt ill, aches pains horrendous head and watering eyes. I went to work on Monday but had to leave and come home and I’ve had 2 days since mostly in bed, thankfully I think the worst is over now.

So now onto my card, it is clean and simple I used 2 images Guilty Rocco and Guilty Bert and i just love their expessions Mo has captured them perfectly both digital stamps can be purchased from Mo’s Digital Pencil

Which one of this pair do you think ate them?

guilty Rocco and bert 

Coloured with Copic Markers corners scored and punched and a pretty ribbon to and pearls to finish.

Before you go the Dream Team are holding a Blog Hop I opted out of this one not knowing if I would get a card made but I know they’ll have some wonderful creations to show you.

It starts at 7am GMT and it kicks off at Heidy’s blog here

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Christine said...

Jak, that sounds horrible, so glad you're feeling better! I've just come down with something too, razor blades, and did anyone get the licence number of that bus that ran me over?

Your card is adorable! What a perfect pair.

Carol said...

Jak those two are so cute, just love their expressions. Glad you're feeling a bit better but such a shame you weren't 100% for the wedding. Carol x

terrie said...

So sorry to hear that you weren't feeling good for your daughter wedding...
Your card is so cute...I love it

Dorcas said...

Which one ate them...hmmmm well dogs love chocolate but it makes them awful sick so I suggest waiting and seeingwhich one, boy or dog keels over. LOL
Sorry youve had such a time of it lately. Thanks goodness you were able to make it for the wedding!

gwencherney said...

sorry to hear that you were feeling so poorly on your daughter's wedding day. Hope you are on the mend now.

Candy said...

I am afraid I thought you were tired from Wedding preparations. I really am sorry you got so ill!
Glad you feel better now. Your card is really cute.
They both ate some!! LOL
Hugs, Candy

Dawn Frost said...

Wow whatever you had was nasty and I hope Chris doesn't come down with it! Glad you're better though. Great card, love their expressions, and the way you did the corners, I'll have to remember that!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry you have been feeling so rough.
They shared the chocolate and loved every bite. The dog won't be sick he's used to eating just a small amount.
You probably excelled at coloring as a child. Love the card.

lady Anne Howard said...

Good morning Jak,
It is good to see you back and I'm so pleased you feel so much better now but you will feel tired for a while after such a nasty bug, so take time for you girl and recover totally.

Your card is fabulous as always and I too love your corners, I had never thought of scoring the corner's, I shall be doing a bit of that *Smiles*
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh so sorry to hear, that you werefeeling sooo bad for your daughters wedding. On this day off all, but glad to hear, you´re finally feeling better now. It sure sounds pretty tough to me.
Your card is just beautiful. Sooo simple and yet sooo elegant. It sure proof that sometimes less is more. This is sooo elegant and gorgeous. I love it.

heidy said...

Oh jak,so sorry you have been feeling so rough.
I love the cas look on your card,and those to are hilarious together!
Hugs Heidy

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

So sorry you have been sick! Do take care and keep resting! Us gals think we can do it all-and then get knocked on our royal kiester's! I am up/can't sleep with pain-so was glad to see your new post! They are adorable! Hmm..might have to tiptoe in to get the copic's from the bedside! ;) Blessings, Sharon

sallysbitz2 said...

Glad to hear your feeling better luv x

Your card is brill LOl, great image x

hugs sally x

Dawn said...

So glad you're on them mend Jak! Your card is beautiful& that ribbon is luscious!
Dawn xx

Mona Pendleton said...

So cute Jake! Great job coloring that darling image and love the embossed corners!

Mad Mary said...

Jak, you really shouldn't be making cards until you are feeling a lot better. I must admit i love it though, i think they both ate the chocolates, lol lol lol.
I think the wedding kept you going but please look after yourself and give yourself a proper rest!

Mary xx

My'scardcorner said...

Glad to hear you are over the worst Jak take care and dont be too clever..This is so cute like you say hard to say who is guilty. Love the ribbon.

Jacqueline Baylis said...

so sorry to hear that you were ill, especially for your daughters wedding, but she was worth it.. I sometimes wonder where you find the strength for your card making ideas. Thank you so much.xx

Sue said...

Take the time to get really better Jak.Got to say they both look as bad as each other,fab card.
Hugs Sue xx

Crea Astrid said...

What a beautiful card. Find the hallmarks of Mo fun.

Find the blog hopping fun. You can again draw inspiration from others.

Greetings Astrid.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

Jak hope you're back to full health soon hun. It's a fabby card I love the colours you've gone for and the sentiment is just perfect.xx

Sheila - Ginger said...

Oh Jak it's sounds like you've had a terrible week do hope you're feeling alot better now though and we've missed you. Well done to you for getting through your daughter's 'oh so special day' and with alot of smiles and looking wonderful.
I love this card and the characters look so innocent but I'm guessing it was the little boy who is guilty! Lol!

Love and feeling better wishes
Sheila xx

Dawn, Leeds said...

Hi Jak,
Lovely card - I think they both guilty and had the chocs!
I don't know how you can summon up the energy or the enthusiasm when you've felt so bad. Such a shame you weren't 100% for the wedding.
Hope you're feeling a lot better soon.
Dawn x

Michelle Quinno said...

This is adorable!! Hope you feel better soon!

Whimcees said...


I am so sorry to read that you have been ill! I hope that you feel much better now!

Congratulations on the wedding of your beautiful daughter! You looked lovely in your outfit - great photo!

Your card is great - I love these new images of Mo's! Beautiful coloring as always!

Wishing you a great day!


Barbara Diane

Jane said...

Oh Blimey! You have been poorly, nothing worse than feeling so yuk but having to soldier on with so much to do! Still knocking out fab cards though, on the mend...good xxx

Sharon in Arizona said...

Is this adorable or what? The look of such innocence!!! And the card is so beautiful!! Hugs to you, Sharon :o)

Debbie Pamment said...

Soooo glad you're on the mend Jak - there are some nasty colds and flus around - take care!
Your card is just tooooo cute - the layout makes this naughty pair the focus - justas if they were under mum's watchful glare -LOL. LOVE it

XxJULESxX said...

gorgeous and adorable images!! hope your better Jak?

Jeni said...

Adorable Jak!!! I sure hope you are feeling better. ~jeni :)

hydroponics said...

Its such a cute creation.Look at them both.They both are imaging some thing.Its truly best.

Ginger said...

This is great! I love the look on both their faces!