Friday 8 January 2010

Who lives in a box like this?

So the dorbell rang and I was handed this large heavy box, I love parcels.
I carfully opened the box to find it was full of foam worms!
Who could live in a box like this?

An Asda bag full of foam worms before I got to my goodies but boy was it worth it.

Ok so I went a bit wild the sizzix sale is still on. My receipt said cost of goods £50.85 a saving of £191.65 Wow how good is that?

As you can see from the above image, I trebled and doubled up on some of the dies I figured that both my Mam and Chris's Mam would love them too so perfect gifts.


PeeJay said...

I'm waiting for mine to arrive but I've already got some of what you ordered. I didn't manage to spend much at all this year but still made a good saving on what I did get. It's got to be one of the best sales we have in the UK.

Cazzy said...

I nearly spent £52 but queried the postage as the email said over £50 free, then realised a day later they weren't there went to pay and half was gone, so I added a couple more dies and it came to about £32 instead, not arrived yet though. I didn't se some of the dies you have there like the owl and snowflakes.

Didn't you do well.

Cazzy x

Merry said...

What fun you will have with this collection...can't wait to see your creations. And what a wonderful saving.

Mad Mary said...

Oh, didn't you do well Jak, i too ordered from them. My order total was just over £33 and total savings of just over £105. Not got mine yet, can't wait till it arrives now that i've seen yours.

Mary x

Marge said...

Wow, quite a haul!!!

Anonymous said...

WHOA Awesome saving dear!!!


Anonymous said...

Where is this sale? can someone send me the link plz thx xxx

Jak Heath said...

if you click on the Sizzix sale words in red on my post the link is there

Caroline said...

oh how exciting I want my box of goodies to arrive, I love the sizzix sale