Tuesday 5 January 2010

Announcement for La Pashe

Well I was saving this until after the trade show in February but I thought why wait? so....

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the La Pashe Design Team

Alison (Ali) Watson I know you will love her work just as much as I do, her colouring is second to none , if you haven't paid her blog a visit in the past I'm certain you will be a regular visitor in the future, hop over there and take a peek http://stampingheaven.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the Team Alison I know the other girls are as excited about you joining us as I am.


Ali Watson said...

Aw jings thank you Jak, I'm all red now lol. Looking forward to being part of the team. Have a fab day.

Karen J said...

A big warm welcome from me Alison xx

Mad Mary said...

Just nipped over to Alisons blog and see what you mean about her colouring Jak, it's wonderful. I noticed too that Alison is a from Scotland, i am too.

Mary x

Myrna said...

Oh what a lovely blog!!! Your work is lovely, just lovely. So looking forward to watching what this year brings.