Tuesday 5 January 2010

Babysitting Jack

This is Jack in a very happy mood dressed as Tigger this wasn't took tonight and if you read on you will understand why.
So Monday after I get home from work I get the pleasure of babysitting Jack for a couple of hours.

Tonight he was what can only be discribed as a very sorryful chap, poor lamb is teething, blood red cheeks breaking into cries that turned to screams.

wouldn't take any solids and managed to bring back his milk, all over Gran (me) on one occasion, oh what Joy.

The only good thing is I will get a full nights sleep but his Mam ohhh she is in for a very sleepless one methinks.


Marge said...

Awww, poor little guy (& his Mam)! Yes, for you the beauty of being a Gran is that you can give him back & avoid a totally sleepless night, especially when you have to get up & go to work the next day!!!

Marge said...
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Myrna said...

Aw poor wee man. Poor mommy too. He is such an adorable wee mite.

Tertia said...

Poor little thing! Isn't that just the best part of being a grandparent - we get to give them back!!

Ali Watson said...

Aw poor wee lamb. It's so difficult for them you wish you can do more. My grandson Jack has decided he wants to pull himself up on the furniture eek at only 9 months old. Your grandson is growing so fast too thay aren't babies long. thanks for sharing this fabby picture.

Unknown said...

He looks so cute in his tiggar suit, Teething can be hard our little darling has been teething for months, still not got any.
Jaks what did you use for the flower blossoms on the first wedding invite

My'scardcorner said...

What a little cutie. Hope he soon cuts that tooth that is giving him bother.

angelwhispers said...

Poor little babe!! Poor Mama is going to have quite a few nights like this!!! But he looks gorgeous in his Tagger suit!! xxx

Sue said...

Ahh poor little Jack.My Grandson Owen is having the same pains.I feel for his Mam.He is very cute in his tigger suit.

Mad Mary said...

Awww poor wee Jak, i do hope he settled and his mum got some sleep. He's gorgeous in his wee Tigger suit Jak.

Mary x

Anonymous said...

Aw poor wee soul, Jak - sorry his Mum is going to have some sleepless nights but it does come with the territory, doesn't it? - and when he does look so happy and cute it makes up for it.

Alice (beemer)

Marion O'B said...

Looks a real cutiepie Jak!
As for the teeth well they're a nuisance coming and a nuisance going, poor little mite, an awful time for everyone concerned as you don't know what to do for the best for them.
Maz O'B