Sunday 23 August 2009

Pure Linen, Just like Mothers.

I can't count the amount of times my Mother and GrandMother would say "you can't beat Irish Linen" so I was thrilled when I stumbled across the company All Tea Towels, not only does she have the most wonderful printed designs but her service is second to none.
I thought these would make perfect gifts for the ladies in my life and set to making wraps for them.
Be sure to visit the All Tea Towels shop

These are the tea-towels that I have so far but I'll definately be geting more, I know several people in my life that are going to be thrilled with them.


Lilacanglia said...

what a super way to give a tea towel,
and those patterns are lovely,

Mad Mary said...

Oh Jak, i could spend a wee fortune on those Tea Towels. I especially love the humorous ones. The really appeal to my sense of humour.

Mary x

Anonymous said...


those are beautiful card envelopes that you have created. They really do take the tea towel gifts to another level!


pinky said...

Those wraps have turned a nice tea towel into a really nice gift! Love the idea.

Anne said...

Thanks so much for the link Jak. The tea towels are fantastic and I'll be getting some for Christmas. Hugs x

Polly Pierce said...

Great link Jak, thanks. YOu've just solved part of my birthday pressie prob for this week!

Unknown said...
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Sheffy said...

Those tea towels look really lovely. I have come across this company before and they are brilliant!