Monday 13 April 2009

Paste Eggs

Well I came across a natty way of colouring Paste eggs for easter and just had to give it a go.
Of course I needed white eggs! could I find any? Nope. So I wasn't going to let that beat me and thought I would try it out anyway but with the brown every day supermarket best eggs.
To try this you need
White vinegar
husbands silk shirt or tie
a none metal pan
and some cotton linen (I used socks)
then check out the Matha Stewart site
Now if you imagine white eggs the colours would be quite eggsellent.


Lilacanglia said...

they are eggcellent,

Anonymous said...

Brown or white eggs they look great anyway Jak brought back memories for me when I used to do them with my children.

jo said...

wow they are very stunning, huggs jo x

Karen Lindsay said...

Your eggs are beautiful. I went to the Martha link and watched the video. I'm inspired and have stashed the instructions for use at a later time, not necessarily Easter. :) Thank you for sharing!


Sylvia R said...

Brilliant Jak,

I used to die white eggs with onion skins when i was young.. but now you can't find white egss for love nor money..they've took all the fun out it.

These have turned out really beautiful.

Sylvia R xxx

Norma said...

we used to use the onion, like Sylvia says but you just cant get white eggs now.
white or brown Jak they have turned out brilliant

Norma x

Sue said...

I too have stashed the instructions for another time. I think the brown eggs added a different touch, very vintage looking, well done.