Sunday 12 April 2009

My Birthday Cards

I love the colours in this card by Debs

The card below is from Jean it is a postcard to add to my collection I was threilled when I opend the envelope.

This one came from my super talented friend Katie from the USA

I love the stamped image on this card from Kim

A couple of sheets I designed and put together beautifully by Myra

A Beautifully hand stitched card from Joan


Lilacanglia said...

What great cards to get,
love them all,

W McCallum said...

Love the giraff card.

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl! A super collection! Viv xx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely selection Jak and to get a post card too the icing on the cake

Unknown said...

what a delightful selecyion of cards!

Cazzy said...

Happy belated birthday, you got so many lovely cards.

Cazzy x