Tuesday 20 January 2009

Blog Candy - Flippin' Men

Flippin' Men Blog Candy

I thought as my blog has had over 200'000 hits it is way time I gave the chance to win something for everyone that has supported me.

So, I'm offering the chance for you to win a complete set of the Flippin' Men by La Pashe

That is 20 sheets of this wonderful, fun and better still decoupage for to make Men's cards.

I'll also include 2 of the Aperture Cards and Envelopes 10 sheets of acetate a tube of silicon and some foam pads.

How to win.

Leave a comment telling me who and why you would make up on of these cards for and if you have a blog leave a link to mine on it for the chance of others to win.

Last date to post your comments will be Friday 30th January 2009

A winner will be chosen an announced on Saturday 31st January 2009


Jodi said...

I always enjoy reading your blog and love the Flippin Men! Congrats on so many blog hits! I don't have a blog as I am too busy reading everyone else's.

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

My father is very similar on this person. And he very to likes my cards. Therefore I could make many cards for him and scrap for his picture album. It is very ridiculous and many idea has. Thanks for your fine blog and chance to have blogsweet! From Russia Nika

Karen said...

I just love these cahracters ! I would do the toilet one for my brother as he reads on the toilet and as done since we were kids. the rest I would use for my colleagues at work. There's a couple of them mad on food and another couple who are mad about footie. i just think tehy make great mens cards.


Love Karen xxx

Maz said...

To be honest although I visit your blog everyday without fail to drool over the cards you make wishing I could ever hope to turn out something as good as your work I am not really a card maker but my DIL Karen is and this is who I would give them too. I know she has said times that she adores this line and I know she would create some great cards from them.

Keep up the great work jak, you never know one day I may be half as good as you!


Suzanne said...

Hi Jak. These are brilliant for mens cards. I would do the toilet card for my brother as he has always taken a paper or book with him to the loo.

Thanks for the chsnce t win

Suzanne x

Justme said...

Ah I would use this for the best husband on earth, mine and my wonderful son who take such good care of me. I'm such a strain or worry to them because I'm housebound on an oxygen machine, alone almost all day, DH drives 75 miles to and from work, so he is up only a little while before he has to go to bed. He and my son calling and stopping in when he can to check up on me and do things for me are the only people I see and have in my life that are my loves and my support system. DH has to do everything I used to do, I can't do much but I can still craft, and make gifts for them to tell them how much I love them.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Lovely Blog Candy. I would use the bowling one for my Uncle and the Man on toilet one for my Dad. Think the list could go on up to the 20!!!! So many men you see in the cards. Hazel
My Blog!

Nannieflash said...

I would like to express how much I enjoy not only using the Flippin Men decoupage and watching you use them yesterday on C&C, and I know how much they are based on characters that are dear to your heart.
I would also like to say that I absolutely love your cards, the design of them is really something else.
I have put a link to your website on my blogspot http://nannieflash.blogspot.com/

Polly Pierce said...

Hi Jak! I'm delighted that you've hit the 200,000 mark! What a coup? Surely it's something to do with your inimitable talent and lovely style of writing. You a a constant source of inspiration and whistful longing...

I'd love to get my hands on the complete Flippin Men set as there seem to be so many men in my life. Each is so difficult to make a card for and there seems to be one of each of them in the Flippin Men range!

The one on the loo would have to be for my ex-husband and children's dad:- he spends hours in there reading away!!!!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Jak, what a wonderful achievement of over 200,000 hits on your blog - I might get that on mine in about 10 years' time. Brilliant show yesterday. I have taped it to watch again sometime as I always pick something new up when I watch shows again.

Thanks for the offer of the blog candy. Sadly I don't have that many older men in my life. The one on the toilet would have been perfect for my dad as he used to go and hide in there but sadly he died 24 years ago when I was 14.

I know my husband would love to see me making some of these cards as I've seen them a few times on the TV and think they are funny. He has to do a lot around the house as I can't do a lot and will sometimes do more jobs than he needs to so that I can get some precious time to craft. Think I'd like to make one specially for him - but not the one in the toilet as my husband wouldn't hide in there to advoid jobs etc!!!

I make all my cards and sell them to raise funds for different charities. I also have two homes where I leave cards and the residents there would certainly appreciate these styles of cards. I've allowed both the homes to raise the funds for themselves (one is buying new crockery for the visitors room) as charity needs to begin at home - and I never know someone that I dearly love might end up in a home somewhere.

The link to my blog is:


I shall look forward to February with the ladies!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, Greetings from New Zealand. I haven't seen anything to beat the Flippin Men here yet. I would make the fishing ones up for 2 sons and their sons, who are all mad keen on fishing. Keep up the great work. I don't have a blog. Regards Val

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 200,000 mark. That's Super!
I just adore the Flippen Men sheets. There are a few people I know that could use a sense of humor and I think that these would do the trick.
I have no blog of my own but enjoy visiting and reading yours.
Thank you for making a great offer of the blog candy. I think they are wonderful.

AliMayes said...

Wow Jak, what fantastic candy and congratulations on 200,000 hits, that's really impressive! I started reading your fantastic blog when I found it through your postings on Joanna Sheen's forum. Now I've taken the plunge and started my own blog too and it's marvellous to join in with all the challenges etc.I'll put a link up on my blog now.
Ali xx

Anonymous said...

I recently made the flippin men toilet card for my friend's son who disappears off to the loo with his newspaper and pen and is in there for ages and ages. He thought it was so funny that he has pinned it to his notice board at work. Don't have a blog but can I be entered into the draw.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 200,000.
That is some number! I am housebound and crafting is my lifeline so its great to watch C&C and see new products etc come out as i can't get to the shops.
I'd love to do the betting shop sheet for a dear old friend who goes to the bookies every single day with 20p to put on the dogs. Sometimes he wins a couple of pounds but more often than not he doesn't but he says 20p is his pocket money and it gets him out of the house, gives him some exercise (the walk to the bookies) and his bit of company for the day.
The card would give him a right old chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Jak, They are all so funny and I am sure they match up with so many people, but the one I would use for my beloved Husband is the gardener, I do not know about the Beer he would probably put it on the plants to deter the slugs, and then the blloms would be even better LOL Barbara

Anonymous said...

I would make the decorating one for my hubby, to remind him of what he will get out of doing when he goes on a trip to Paris.

Hope your show goes well.

Anne E

pinky said...

Jak, who would you not use these for!!! I think you need to go off and make a second set, as I have 20 + in mind for these...
Well done on the blog visits.

Anonymous said...

Its just got to be the toilet one for me made up for my son who is nearly 24, since he was a small boy he has taken a book or paper to the loo and i s there for an hour, he used to sit swinging his legs reading to his hearts content. H e still does it now but his legs touch the floor bless him
Oh the memories lol
thanks jak for this

julie mom

just me....lynn said...

I would love to use these to make cards for the men in my church - its so easy to make a thinking of you card for the women but the men i have trouble making cards for so these would be perfect.

Thanks for such an amazing blog with amazing inspiration!!

Unknown said...

Wow what fabulous candy Jak, and well done on the 200,000 + hits.

I so love these flippin men and have already made a few up, I can see many men I know in the different sheets. My favourite is the man on the toilet, it so reminds me of my dad, when he would always take his daily paper in the loo with him, and not come out for a good 1/2 an hour..lol, so I'm saving this one to put in my scrapbook of my dad, got a few ideas of how to use it.
Will put a post and link on my blog Jak.

Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

Jak l would use the DIY flippin men for my Hubby he might get inspired and do some around the house its much needed the decorater sounds good for him too and the footy one oh l could probably use most of them for him and maybe some friends hubby's too

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog Jak, but love to visit yours. I have purchased a few of the sheets already, and they look lovely made up I must say. I think my DH would be the recipient of one of these. Not because he is a "flippin' man", he is a sweetie actually -33 years together must mean something!, but because he will be 65 (and I can't believe I am typing that!) early in February. He enjoys the odd pint of bitter, so that would be my choice for him. I might also be tempted to make one for my son. He has copies of GQ magazine permanently in his loo, lol!!so the toilet one would be a good choice.

Keep making your beautiful cards Jak - one day I might be half as good as you.


Emma said...

Watched on Create and Craft yesterday and these are just superb.
Its so hard to make men's cards but these are just a treat.
I would be able to mkae lots of men's cards with these and not be stick for ideas.
I will pop a link on my sidebar and would like to thank you for the chance to win.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Well done on so many hits Jak - your cards are fantastic - i would like a barak Obama card especially as today is his inauguration day!! I think some famous people would be great for you to do next!!
Laura from imag-e-nation

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jak. Ive used the Beer barrel for my brother who used to deliver beer The gardener for a friend The bike for a little trucker :0)tongue in cheek |:0) Im sure I could find someone for all of them If I was the lucky one.:0)
Love your blog .Good luck with your next project/Myrax

Anonymous said...

Jak hey are brilliant, so different, so true, who wouldn't like to receive one of these cards.

You inspire us all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, what a generous lady you are - thank you for offering this. The man on the toilet would be just right for my Dad as he has always taken a newspaper into the loo for as long as I can remember. The betting shop one would do my eldest daughters boyfriend; the gardener for my brother and the diy one for his partner as he is terrible at it (sort of tongue in cheek) :o)
Thanks again
Jan M

Unknown said...

Congratulations on reaching 200'000 hits! That's a great achievement and well deserved as your blog is fantastic!

I already have some Flippin' Men sheets - but hey, they'll always come in handy!

I would make a card for my brother-in-law as he has recently gotten interested in fishing and he's just a typical man! The beer in his hand would just say it all!!

I already have you linked on my sidebar, but I'm heading off now to devote a post to you and your candy.

Good luck for the next 200'000!

Anonymous said...

Well done on all the hits Jak. I would make the man on the toilet for my hubby......an old joke with all his family about certain habits he has!!!!
I have put a link to your candy on my blog www.emmascraftstuff.wordpress.com
Love Emma xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, like some of the others I don't have a blog.....lack of time to keep upto date with it. But I do have time, correction, I make time to craft.....rather than h*******k !!
I would make the man on toilet for my brother in California, he has a library in his bathroom!!! the rugby one for my husband, Roger, Welsh through and through, the bbq for my bil as he is the barbie king, the bar for Roger's best man, as he is a pub landlord!!! the housework for my cousins husband as he is always scrubbing floors and polishig wood, the diy for a collegue - the handyman at work.........oooo the list goes on, but without doubt I could find somebody to give each one to with a meaning for everyone, not to mention spreading your talent for recoginising what we all need.

Anonymous said...

love the flipping men ....well don't we all .
i would make up the DIY one esspically for my very own flipping man cos he don't do DIY lol

Anonymous said...

Well done on so many hits Jak but it's not surprising with such beautiful work.

I know I originally said I wasn't keen on the Flippin Men but I had to have the Flippin Cheers to make a card for the landlord of my local who is retiring and it's won me over so I'll certainly be buying more. Kimbo xx

Anonymous said...

First Jak, congratulations on your 200,000 hits.
I would firstly use the gardening one as its a toss up whether to make this one or the other allotment from the remember when series, one you made on the show a couple of weeks ago. My brother in law willbe 60 in feb and he just loves his allotment so it has to be one of these, actually it willbe both cos have to make one for my Stephen to give to him aswell. Now i was just about to order from the eshop the set of flippen men plus cards, think i might hang on now, just in case lol. think they are all fab anyway, looking forward to see whats next

Norma x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jak on such a wonderful blog ,its a pleasure to browse and you are so generous allowing us to get inspiration from your work, I could match a (flipping man!! )to each and every one of your sheets,have just ordered ready to do one for the ex landlord at the pub we used to frequent (a litle ! )he is a smashing person and has been ill for a while even though he is only 40, one one these cards will certainly cheer him up,the darts one springs to mind but so many others would fit the bill too,You certainly got a winner with this design.
Good luck with flipping women when you are next on C@C.
Pat x

Amy xx said...


I would use the toilet one for my partner, lol, he goes out every morning to grab a paper and then spends the next hour in there, i think he does it just to get some peice and quite as with 6 kiddies its always noisy here, lol

thanks so much for offering a great blog candy



p.s, i have linked to your blog

Anonymous said...

i'd use the sheets for my Father-in-law to be because he's football all the way, even on the loo! lol! Love the sheets, well done Jak
Love Marie x x

Anonymous said...

well done 200,000 hits. i would use the sheets for my old uncle 1 that lives in the green house [ out my aunties way lol] i did one of the remember whe ones for my hubby the miner one it now has pride of place beside a bit coal he brought up on his last shift.
christine-fife x

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the 200,000 hits.
Thought I was the only one whos Dad took the paper to the loo.
Was going to put myself forward for the draw but I think it should be shared by justme Donna who posted at 8.00am and Pauline who posted at 12.26. Good luck with choosing a winner.
Sorry I dont have a blog

Anonymous said...

I can remember when I was a child and my nana had an outside loo. I swear it is my Granda taking his paper outside to comtemplate live in the little boys room


Pink Dandelion said...

Wow 200,000 hits, congratulations. I love these flippin men sheets, the first one I would use would have to be the toilet one for my dad, he always takes the paper to the loo with him, why do men do this? Thanks for the opportunity to win these. Debs xx

Anonymous said...

jak, these new decoupage are so hilarious, i would choose the guy in the tin bath, we went camping last year and my hubby sat in the middle of a field, in a tin bath, in the rain, holding an enormous fishing umbrella above him, to protect himself from the rain. all because he had spent 2 hours heating the water in a big container on the camp fire and was determined to use it after all his effort.

its tickled me ever since and has become a standing joke every time he takes a bath.

can you imagine his face to receive a card on that theme ... just fantastic.

keep up the great work.

tracie moore xxx

Anonymous said...

Jak, I'm not surprised that you have reached 200,000 hits on your blog as it's a great one and I'm sure many others like me love to visit. The Flippin Men series are superb and so true to life - we all know someone just like that. Men's cards were so difficult to make before the Flippin Men came along so thank you very much, they're perfect for my husband, son, son-in-law etc etc Lynne12

Alison Dent said...

Hi I would use these images to make cards for my dad, they all reflect his way of life, and he would find them very amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
Well done on your blog and success so far. The guy on the toilet reminds me of hubby as he always takes something to read in with him

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak and congratulations on your 200,000 hits and your success.

I could put all of your flippin’ men sheets to good use, I’m in a world of men….My Dad, Husband, Son, Grandson, 4 Brothers and 2 Brother in Laws….most are ex pitmen so they would sum them up a treat, and they would be no waste in using these flippin’ men sheets for the flippin’ men in my life……ha, ha,….thank you for the candy…Congratulations once again Jak.

Take Care
Sylvia R x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, These would fit any man that I know lol That says alot for me then doesn't it? No seriously I am always scratching for ideas for mens cards, and I loved the ones you did on tele with the aperture cards. They were fantastic.
Val 090

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
Congrats on reaching 200,000 Hits on your blog.
I would make the bath one for the only male member of my class. He is the joker of our complex and keeps all of us ladies in stitches most of the time with his jokes and hilarious dressing up, he definitely is not shy and a great gentleman.


Pat said...

Congrats on your 200,000 hits Jak & the success of La Pashe. I would use the darts image to make a card for my grandson, Daniel. He's at Uni & last sunday he was sitting in the flat working on his laptop whilst two flatmates had a game of darts. One of the darts bounced out of the board & pierced his finger to the bone! I'm sure he would LOVE a darts card. Pat x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
Only just discovered your side. I would like to win the flipping men as they make lovely cards, but they will also give me enjoyment making them as I have ME and work full time. So my hobby is cardmaking. Thanks for so much joy you bring to us all.
Mrs H

Scrap Jaci said...

I think the Flippin' Men are too cute! I would make cards for my Dad, and my Uncles. They would get a kick out them. Thanks for the chance to win. And congrats on the hits!

joolsedesigns said...

Hi Jak brilliant Blog Candy I would use flippin men on all the men in my Life My Hubby, Two Sons, Son in Law and my Dad as there is something to suit them all

sheffsue said...

Congratulations Jak...and that number comes as no real surprise!!
It would have to be housework flippin men for son no. 4...his room is too clean and tidy for a 24year old!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

The decorating one, absolutely!!
Every time my father said "I think its time we wallpapered this room" my mother ran for the hilss.
EVERY SINGLE item had to be removed and the only things left in the room were the dust sheets the ladder and his painting gear!
We only lived in a small house and for about a week we climbed over, pushed past or knocked down furniture!!
on top of that my mother and father had TOTALLY different taste in wallpaper and paint, and trying to reach a compromise.............!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the show which I finally caught yesterday. I will be making the footballer one for Father's Day for my Dad who is 91(!) as he is fanatical about footie.

Unknown said...

Hi Jak 200,000 hits congatulations. Flippin men are great characters and such fun. I love them all great blog candy. I would send the bookie to my dad who is 81 in feb we used to go to the horse races all over when I was a young girl so that would be very apt. Cheers to my boyfriend, the barbeque my next door neighbour. cyclist to a friend, decorator to a friend. the list is endless. thank you for the opportunity to win. bev

Anonymous said...

congrats on 200.000 hits jak you were absolutly brill on C+C yesterday as always i dont have sky or freeview but watched most of it on the net i got 3 ppl i would have made the fisherman card for sadly 2 of them are no longer with us my dad and my uncle who were both fishing mad the 3rd is my brother who use to take my mom after my dad passed also if you did a ladies 1 that would be my mom lol keep up the good work jak your cards are fantastic
vanessa xx
sadly dont have a blog

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your site is fantastic! I love the creativity you show. If I were to win the "flippin men" set, I would create a card for my physical trainer. He would laugh and maybe take it easier on me the next time I saw him.

Bea said...

i always send my brother in law a funny card and a flippin men one would be very apt Bea x

Anne said...

Hi Jak, what fab blog candy. I love all your designs but my fav would be the betting shop for my OH as he has a flutter on a Saturday. Thanks for the chance to take part. Keep your wonderful creations coming, I love your blog. xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 200,000 hits.I have used many of the range and think they are brilliant.I would use them for my FIL and Dad .The gardening one for FIL cause it so looked like him when he was able to garden and the footie one for Dad as football rules his life.Thanks for your genorosity Nikki (nicknat)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, Congratulations on your 200,000 hits on your blog. I don't have a blog - too busy reading other peoples!

Unfortunately I don't have any oldies left now, but I would make up the football one for my husband. He always says football is his hobby and keeps him fit - but all he does is support the local team and drink in the bar!!!!

Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the Flippin Women soon. Gill x

Anonymous said...

hi jak congrats on reaching 200,00
i would choose the toilet one for my Dad who will be 75 in feb. he has such a wicked sense of humour and i love him to bits, as my mum died 4 yrs ago he is all i have left. your blog gives me so much inspiration
as i havent been crafting for that long

Chrissie said...

Congratulations on all your hits Jak and what fabulous decoupage, just perfect for those pesky men's cards!
I've added a link on my Blog Candy sidebar.

Krafty Kows said...

I love these designs. I only found out about them through a magazine I brought and googled it. Can't wait to get some and have ago.

Heather "Hev" said...

i would definitely make a card for my brother - he is having a personal struggle at the moment and i think a bit of cheering up is in order.


Vicky said...

wow! what a lovely blog candy! i could use just about every single one of these different men - for everone of my make relations and friends.... they would all be covered, as men are so difficult to make a card for!!! :) the deisgns are fabulkous...hope you will be doing some women soon!!! and maybe pets?!?!?! (hint hint! :) )

Susan said...

Hi Jak, congratulations on hitting the 200,000 hits, well done. I find your blog wonderful and inspirational and always seem to find the time to 'pop in' to take a look at your lovely creations. I love all your flippin men they are brilliant. I think they look just like my step dad and any one of them would be just right for him. I always find it hard to make up cards for him. Keep up the good work and thanks for the chance to win this lovely blog candy. Best wishes.

Susan xx

Anonymous said...

I would use the man on the toilet for a man in work who will be 50 in march. Every morning he disappears into the gents with a newspaper under his arm, he does not return for a loooong time.
Thank you for the chance of winning this great prize.


Debsydoo said...

I have never tried these and would love to use them for the male members of my family and friends, they look such fun. Your blog is fab with great inspirations you so deserve to reach such a high number of hits.

hugs Debs x

Anonymous said...

Jak the possibilities are endless with these sheets for the dreaded "mens cards" I think I know a man who suits each design .They're fantastic and I had to order the full set .Can't wait for them to come now

Clare said...

Hi Jak, congrats on 200,000 hits, that's fab. I did go past 3,000 on mine but then my counter disappeared so I binned it. Oh well. Got a long way to go yet. I love decoupage and the flippin men ones would be great. My dad loves BBQ so I'd do that one for him. I've 2 FILs so would make rugby and golf ones for them. Numberous other men in the family would love the rest. Men are quite hard to make cards for and I struggle so these would be fab. Thanks for the chance to win. hugs Clare x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these Jak, and congratulations on 200,00 hits.
I live in Sheltered Accomodation and there are so many men here that look like these 'flippin men' that I know their wives will love cards made with the sheets, so would love to win them.

Unknown said...

These aregreat for mens cards!
I would use the man "flippin housenwork"and give it to my boyfriend,because I do al the cleaningwork in our home!!!
Thanks for the chance to win.
I posted a link on my blog in de sidebar.

kaz_za's crafty corner said...

i love these flippin men.. they are just sooo funny....!!!! i love the one on the toilet... i would make these up for my dads.. birthday...and hubbys ...lol..!!! its just so hard to get good 3d's for men...!! thanks 4 ur great designs and hard work.... think i will bef be picking myself some of these up when i get to newcastle to the craft shop...!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
Watched your C & C show with the Flippin Men range and I was very impressed, as always. Not got a blog so I can't help you there.
The papers I'd really want to use most is Flippin Men DIY, and I'd make a card and give it to my husband. It actually reminds me of him with his toolbelt and drill in hand, but more for the fact that it might remind him to finish off the many jobs he's started at home. He's a Master Carpenter by trade and I have to manage with things held together with elastic bands and a screw! Everyone else's house is perfect but his own. Do you think a card might do the trick? Thanks for the chance to win anyway.
Dawn xx

Anonymous said...

I would use them for my dad for father's day certainly. And also for my 3 brothers-in-law who would certainly appreciate the humour.
I look forward to seeing more in this series in the future.


Daisychain said...

Hi Jak, love your creations, I pop in every week to see what you have made. Your floral cards are amazing.

I would make the fishing one for two of my sons who are keen fisherman and the bookie one for my brother who's name is 'Bob'. Although having a family full of men it wouldn't take me long to use them all.

Thanks for the chance of winning, I have put a link in my sidebar.


Hugs Christine x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
Congratulations on so many hits on your blog. I have bought and used so many of your sets that I have lost count, I am in the process of making up series 5 and 6 as we speak. I bought all the Christmas ones too when I visited the Washington shop and met Jim..
The set with the toilet man in, is the next one I want as this is just so much like my hubby..lol..Even down to reading the Northern Echo on the loo..lol.. His birthday is june 16th.. So it would be great if I could win a set of those.
Ida XX

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jax! I visit your blog regularly, and think all of your cards are just gorgeous. I have purchased some of your cd's too, they are helpful when making some of my cards.
I love the flippen men images, I do believe that I would use all of them to send to the male members of my family, can not see any that don't pertain to at least one of them!

Kee them coming, they are wonderful.

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Jak,I love your work i would use one to make my DH a card as he always loves my decoupaged cards and with these being so fantastic i know he would love one especially a funny one :)
i have linked you in my candy bar top right on my blog.
Hugzz Val xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

I love getting your updates on a daily basis, your creations are so inspiring. I would make the Flippin Man sat on the toilet for my uncle Jim as everytime I see it it reminds me of my granddad who passed away over 25 years ago. If ever you couldn't find him he'd be reading the paper in the bathroom. My uncle Jim would appreciate the card and the memory. Keep up the great work.
Love Sarah Jane Bayley

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
Love your work and your cards. I'd make these Flippin Men decoupage sheets for my two son's they would love them.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, Congratulations on so many hits. I've admired your work for quiet some time and you never seem to amaze with your designs. I'd make up the man wearing his apron and drinking a pint. My darling hubby is a gem. He knows where the washing machine is, the iron, the hoover, the shower cleaner etc. He's a steel worker and works shifts (He wouldn't admit it to his mates). Keep doing what you do so well. Debbie M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
First CONGRATULATIONS on 200,000 hits on your blog! Second, 'Flippin Men' would have to be for my young teenage son! He takes anything readable on the loo and at times has been known to take his laptop too! We, as a family have now renamed the toilet as 'Joes Office'! because if we need to use it we have to make an appointment, lol!
Congratulations once again,
Jae x

Anonymous said...

I think these are superb. I was married for nearly 30years prior to losing my hubby, then took over looking after father! beleive me you have captured everyone of the expressions that I knew and loved. More power to your wonderful team, and please please keep them coming. They bring back lots and lots of wonderful memories. They also apeal to a lot of my friends some with living partners and some without, you have hit just the right note.

Mags said...

Congratulations on your landmark Jak. Must say I am a regular visitor to your blog for inspiration. As for who would I use the cards for - ALL my male rellies, as I hate making mens cards, and these are so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi congrats on your 'hits'. I would make a card from these for my husband cos he likes a laugh! I don't have a blog myself but wish you all the best for the future. Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hi and congratulations on your 'hits'. I would love to make a card from these for my future son in law as he is always taking the mickey and this would be my way of getting him back as he is only going to be '21' this year :o).. Wishing you all the luck for the future and absolutely love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

I would make the toilet one for my uncle. He always seems to sit on the toilet reading his paper ! lol

Congratulations on such a fab set of decoupage. I would love to get my hands on the full set !!

Janis xx

p.s. - sorry but I dont have a blog !

Anonymous said...

I would love the flippin men deco to make come "original" cards, I am of the generation that can remember these pictures for real lol

Marion x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak congratulations i just love your decoupage i think they make great cards as such a lot of people can relate to the themes.There are a lot of charachters in most places that these remind you of.

Kathleen x

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your animations!
These are just adorable.
The possibilities are endless of whom I could make one of these up and send to and know they would more than enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaks, congratulations on reaching 200,000 posting, no suprise though I look every day. Now these flippin men I would use for all my male relatives. They remind me of the male relatives when I was younger. reminds me so much of the northern men in my life lol. they are brilliant

Anonymous said...

As an ex-"Pom" (Senior) living in Australia, your Flippin Men make me feel so nostalgic. I have a number of friends who would really appreciate a card with one of these pictures. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your competition.
I wish we could see your Craft programmes here in Brisbane.

andria said...

hi there, I would love the opportunity to win this set and I would have to chose my darling hubby and we have two wedding anniversary's coming up(renewed our vows that's the second)was lucky to marry the man of my dreams not once but twice..and would choose so many of them but the man on the toilet with the book would be a fav as he disappears four quite some time with his paper..huge hugz from Australia and thank you for sharing all your wonderful cards and info with us here on your blog..

Linda said...

I love your flippin men creations... I would love to use the "flush" sheet to make a card for my son... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaks, I love all your designs - hubby and I pick out people we can spot from them!! Congrats on the 200,000 - thats brilliant. I love the way that you inspire all us crafters - well you certainly inspire me. Keep up all the great work and all the fab comments you have recieved back this up

beachburgmom said...

Hi Jak wow what a great give away you are offering...for me these images would be used mainly to send my father cards....mom has alzheimers and he cares or her 24/7 with no relief...i know these images would bring a smile and maybe even a laugh or two to his long days. Thanks for all the beautiful designs you share with us...

Hugs Debbie Knechtel

Anonymous said...

Oooo! What an oppertunity. The best blog on the net and the chance to win some brilliant decoupage, can today get any better?

rosie said...

great site Jak, very stimulating for those who have design blocks - ME. I think the 'flippin men' would be ideal for family members & husbands friends.... Rosie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak I love watching you on ideal world and the Flippin Men are just brilliant. I've made the Flippin Cricketer for my best friends husband. He is retired from being in the Marines and is 55 soon. As many of the retired services never actually reach this age I thought the Flippin Cricketer was just up his street especially at 55 not out. It's his birthday Monday so he'll be getting his brilliant (if I say so myself) card then.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I always have trouble making cards for the men in my family and church as they all have a good sense of humour they would love these images Anna

PatsyB said...

I would make these for all those "hard to please" men in my life!! They have to love these guys-they act just like them! Congratulations on your blog! You deserve it!

Janet said...

Your designs are so apt! Your observations are spot on! I should love to make one for my brother, he lives in Australia and gets very nostalgic about how things used to be when he was young.

Catherine said...

These sheets are brilliant as I struggle to make mens cards. I would use the man wearing the tool belt holding the beer for my husband as he is a carpenter but always has a beer while doing jobs at home. Don't all men?

Mel said...

I have found your blog, i love the look of the sheets - the one i would use is the man sat on the loo reading the paper - typical of my old man - he's forever sitting in there reading the paper (usually the footie Or weather pages) so i think this sheet will make a great brithday card for him !!!

Anonymous said...

hi Jak just wanted to say congratulations on 200,000 Your cards are beautiful mine are kids play to yours those sheets are perfect for every man in your life
Keep up the good work

Cazzy said...

Congratulations Jak,

I would get good use from these as it is my Dad's, brother's, son's and hubby's birthdays in March, May and June.

My son reads a mag on the loo so that would be his, my hubby is a handyman, also plays golf, my brother is into computers, and has a big dog, my dad is into gardening so there is something there for them all.

Cazzy xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Jak, and to everyone who visits her site. My name is Percy and I am from Canada. I am a male aged 59 and just started to get into making my own cards about 1yr ago. I watch "Create and Craft" on my computor alot, hwne I briefly caught a show on these unusual "Flippin Men". Boy did I get a good laugh at these. Although I missed the show , I went on Google to find card examples, etc and this is where I found you. I have now added you to my saved list and will refer back often. We don't have alot of these products here in Canada and I wouldn't mind given it a shot at making some for my other male friends. My e-mail address is: holidaytown@hotmail. com . Thanks from Percy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, well done on reaching the 200,000 hits, i love all of your work. I think the "Flippin Men" set is one of the best things to hit the craft scene, so many people can relate to most of these images. I myself would have to make at least 3 of these for my husband alone, he is an electrican who plays golf and sits and reads in the toilet too.
Good luck to everyone and thank you Jak for this wonderful offer.

Anonymous said...

well done Jak im not surprised i spend many a happy hour going through your blog even after iv seen everything i come back and go through it all again,you are an inspiration to us all and as for the flippin men well its just what we have been looking for as our men are so flippin hard to mak cards for thanks Jak - libby

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak I just love to see your lastest creations, I would love the "Flippin men" because in 5 weeks it is my OH 60th and he is basically all of those men ...well maybe not the drinker so I would have loads of choice as to which card or cards that I would make for him. Hes is a very special man and I would love to make him a very special card.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I always love to hear from you and look at your web site reguarly. Living here in Turkey there are many opportunities for me to make cards for the ladies to give the men folk. If you saw the kind of cards that are available here you will understand why I would be so eager to show them what real cards should look like. Your website has inspired me on a number of occasions when I have been stuck for ideas and the end results have always proved a success with my friends. The people here also appreciate being able to give their family and friends that extra special card, which simply aren't available here. Sorry though I don't have a blog site, but all the best for your continued success.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

Congrats on a super blog - well worth the visit (and I do visit very often lol).

I love the flippin men and would love to give one of these to my dad who is undergoing an operation soon and this would really cheer him up,

Keep up the good work, it is so inspiring


Cal said...

Hi Jak and thanks for the chance to win this great set

I would make up the mining flippen man for my dad (if he was still with us) as he worked in the mines and as we are in stoke on trent where there were lots of mines I could think of loads of ppl who would appreciate him too.....I would make up the football one for my bro but as he in in blue colours I dont think he would appreciate him cos he is a Stoke City supporter (they wear red n white) lol......the toilet one would have to be for my OH as it makes me realise why he is always in the bathroom for a long time lol.....I could go on and on about each and every one of these as I can think of someone they would be good for and thats why I absolutley love the flippen men papers so please keep up the good work and showing us your designs ....they always give me inspiration so well done

Carol said...


The flat cap beer drinking man would fit soo many men in our family LOL

TC, hope the cold improves so you can get back 2 creating and good luck for Feb


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Jak on your 200,000 hits, these flippin men are brilliant reading the posts funny how each of us can identify these with someone in our family. The bookey reminds me of my dad, and the toilet one my Oh, they also fill a long awaited gap in the card market, so well done all who worked on them.

Anonymous said...

I love the one on the toilet reading the newspaper. I would love to send it to the Prime Minster with a caption 'Catching up with World News!'

Anonymous said...

I am a multi-media artist who recently had a stroke. It was pretty devastating at first.

They say that a stroke destroys brain cells, but in my case, I think it liberated them.

Suddenly I found myself free to create art as I wanted to rather than depending on what others thought of it. I no longer cared about other opinions, only mine mattered.

As I progressed in my recovery, I discovered a love of 3D cards and set out to learn as much as I could. I began making cards for friends and family, and people who would see them would ask to buy some of my work.

Well, recently, I came across one of the Flippin Men sheets and absolutely fell IN LOVE with it. It made me smile, an absolutely necessary criteria to be met before I will spend even a dime. (I have to feel something)

I browsed the web and found their site! OMG! I wanted to purchase every single page they have... each one is better than the last. When $$$ flows stronger I will definetely purchase. There are even rumours of a Flippin Women series coming out. I can't wait!
There are so many people these are appropriate for, our sons, sons-in-law, brothers, brothers in law, cousins, friends and of course the love of my life, my DH. Oh what I could do with this pack...
Thanks for reading me, and congratulations on your blog. I really do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...


the only males in my life is my soon to be husband and his family. My dad died when I was 16, so I would use them to make wonderful cards for them.


starcyl said...

Every time I see these designs I think of my boss, so I guess it would have to be him I would make the first one for.

I am not surprised you have had so many hits on your blog as you do inspire us all with your great works.

I'll pop over and leave a link on my blog now.

Jenny x

sandylinder said...

I have fallen in love with these guys! I have 4 brothers, and have raised 4 sons. I won't have ANY problems coming up with people to send them to! I relish the opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win, and for sharing your talents with us. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi First time here, but will certainly be purchasing some sheets for all my brothers and friends cards, they are awesome and nothing like these in New Zealand. Would love to win the set to start me up and show my friends as I know they would buy them. Keep up the fabulous work, the bowling flippin man would go well in my bowling circle of friends.

Anonymous said...

It has to be my dad in the bath, taking me back 35yrs ago when my younger sister who was 5 took her friend up to the bathroom to say hi to my dad. Can you imagine the look of horror as he called to my mother to come and get them. It always brings a chuckle when I think about it. Sadly he's gone now but still have the memories.
Jean Lewis Nannybean. xx

Anonymous said...

LOL I love these cards. I would make one for my dad. He is Scottish and when on the pot always calls to us to get him a roll of toilet paper. seem she didn't look before he sat LOL

Anonymous said...

I just find your blog and I like your work. those pictures are new for me, but nice.

PeeJay said...

Guess I should give it a go - especially as closing date is my birthday - lol!!
It's gotta be the man on the loo and it would be for my bro - for a number of reasons (most unprintable) but he's an avid reader and doesn't just take the newspaper with him but books as well ......

Lorraine said...

Hi Jak
Spotted these for the first time the other day and would love to be entered. I will post a link on my blog.

Krafty Kows said...

Hi I love these designs. There are so many there that remind me of some men family members of mine. But I'd have to say I'd go for the decorating man as it's my father in laws b'day in a couple of weeks (going to have to find my nearest shop who sell them or search online) and he hates decorating but loves a pint in his hand. So this would really make his day opening a card to find that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,
I first saw some of your cards on the Imag-e-nation site, must be about 2 years ago at least and thought then how creative you were. I'd love to have the chance to win Flippin' Men. I'd make the toilet one for my partner (men must have a gene that makes them read in the loo) as he often disappears to the bathroom with a paper or car magazine, and I'd make the golfer for my little boy's godfather who's 50 soon, we can never get hold of him due to being on the golf course or in the bar.

Congratulations on having over 200,ooo hits. I'm still playing with my blog, but I'll put a link on it to your blog.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have Flippin Men.


Pamela Harley said...

I love these designs as they are great fun and I think we all know men like these characters. I have made 2 and have them pictured on my blog one on the toilet, well this is any man and a golfer I did for my husbands friend who will love it.

Anonymous said...

gotta tell ya.. this is my first time here and your site brought a smile to my face...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak
I didn't realise just how talented an artist you are until I saw your hand painted card - it's fab.
The reason I would love to win your blog candy is so that I could share the Flippin Men with my friend who does card making voluntary work in a hospice.Imagine the smiles they would bring to the patients faces! I certainly know that when I had a stash sort out and sent a bag of goodies to the hospice it was gratefully received.


weekend-crafter said...

Hi Jak, just came across your site and I absolutely love these decoupage candy. I would make one up for my hubby for valentines day, the one of the man on his "throne" reading the daily paper as that's what my hubby does down to a T. Everyday without fail for the past 7 years, down to the garage at 10am, back to the house, wee smoke, then upstairs to his "throne" for about an hours, locks the door and I actually made him a "do not disturb sign" last year for him. Would love to win them and have such fun with them all. Well done and fingers crossed, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak

I had to laugh at how many people said they would use the "toilet Man" for various men in their lives. When I saw that one I immediately thought of my nephew who will be 19 next month as he always disappears with his book. He asked to borrow some of my books to take to uni and I made him promise that they would not be taken into the bathroom.

Janet (2p Designs)

cal8007 said...

Hi Jak, I was surfing this morning and found your blog via Ellen's Scrappalace. I just started making cards and it is so hard to find stamps, or embelishments, even sayings for men - these designs are perfect. My DH golfs, my dad spends a lot of time in the toilet, I have a BIL who fishes, etc., etc. Congratulations on the 200,000 hits and thanks for sharing!

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

I have been hugely impressed bym your 'flippin men' designs and the chance to win these is too good to turn down!
I would make a card for my neighbour who is like an adopted Grandad to me. He looks after us all so much and has a terrible and quite naughty sense of humour so these designs are him to a tee!
Congratulations on so many hits and wishing you continued success in all you do.

sue said...

wow just in time, I have been meaning to do this for ages, well done on your success, the flippin men are my favorites from the La Pashe range, there is something to suit every man in my family, its my dads birthday next month so I would start with him but oh which one would I choose?

Anonymous said...

Hi I love your Blog And I love the Flippin Men sets.I would make up the fishing for my son,and the Barbie for my other son.I have freinds & a husband that I can make up the others for.Congrats on giveing up smokeing.I diod it about 8 years ago wish I could give up food now .!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi jak,

Late as usual. I would love the Flippin men set as I am living with one at this present time. Also can put a name to all of them. Dear hubby is being a flippin nuisance. Love all your deco and would proudly use it and display it. ooooohhhhhhh I EIsh.

McLiz xx

Anonymous said...

hi, thank you for the flippin men range, i cannot wait to try them out. they look great.

thank you for the chance to win these.

i dont have a blog as to nosy and like reading others..

Dec'sNan said...

Hi Jak
Don't have a blog but love to read others. Your cards are such an inspiration to others.
Have most of the Flippin Men sets and love them. They really are works of art.
Congrats on the hits you have had. Well done

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, Well done on awesome amount of hits you've had! I've not got a blog but I love visiting. I would make the Flippin' Drinking for my dad (and use Jon's ditty to!). My dad loves to pop out for a swift pint of proper stuff so it's perfect for him.. or the Flippin' BBQ one for him, he does a mean Barby under a brolly LOL. Wish my grandad was still with us, your sheets remind me of him especially with the cap, the Flippin' Readng would have been perfect for him.. if the sheet had Mirror on it it would have been spot on (he used to work nights printing them).

Love & huggles
Mandie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,

Would just like to say I have just found your site and that i think your flippin men decoupage are fabulous. I enjoy all things nostalgic and these are simply the best i have seen.. I am sorry to have missed your competition but cest la vie. Thank you for giving us some good old times and humour.

From me and my cold who seem to be struggling with everything.. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak,

Would just like to say I have just found your site and that i think your flippin men decoupage are fabulous. I enjoy all things nostalgic and these are simply the best i have seen.. I am sorry to have missed your competition but cest la vie. Thank you for giving us some good old times and humour.

From me and my cold who seem to be struggling with everything.. xxx