Monday 30 May 2022

A dress for Tilly

Every now and again I like to stretch myself and make something out of the normal, I have been doing crochet for a number of years, mainly blankets, hats and the likes but was desperate to try something different.
That’s where Tilly comes in, she is a friends Granddaughter and is the sweetest little thing ever.
This is her.

I started a dress and I knew she would be the perfect model for it and she didn’t disappoint me, isn’t she just precious.
It is made in DK yarn and has an underfrill attached in white
She is so content, such a good baby.
And utterly scrumptious 
I have another project for her as she needs a Christening shawl, her gown is incredible and sh has a big day ahead of her,
but for the time being I’ll leave her here to melt your heart.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning little girl and beautiful dress 💓💓

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress for this little cutie Jak and so nice to see you on your blog. X

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Jak, what a gorgeous little girl and that dress is adorable!

Laurian said...

Beautiful! I wish I had a little girl to make pretty crochet dresses for - Make the most of her, she is adorable and the best model for your talents!

Margaret said...

Absolutely beautiful, both the dress and the model. She really is a great model and so happy that she is wearing your dress.