Saturday 25 September 2021

Sleepy Mouse Crochet.

Once upon a sleepy crochet mouse. I really need an extra large one of these to snuggle up to. 
Time for beddybyes sweet sleepy mouse

The flutterby yarn is so soft and scrumptious, I’ve given the legs safety joints as I remember my own gorgeous teddy had when I was a child, actually if I have to be honest my favourite teddy was a pass me down from my brother who is 11 years my senior and yes it was so loved it was threadbare.

I think this little one needs to be loved just as much as my old teddy bear.

I may have to do a little friend in soft grey for this little one.


Laurian said...

Another adorable little critter! I am going to have a look at that yarn - I think it just jumped on my wish list!

Marjorie Watson said...

What a cutie.
That yarn is irresistible
Way back when you first posted about learning to crochet, you inspired me to pick up my hook and start to crochet again, and buying the Edward’s menagerie book was a first for me, so thank you. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Unknown said...