Saturday 8 October 2022

Janie Wisht Crochet Doll

I wanted to crochet a doll, she had to be Ragdoll like and I have to say that although very fiddly to make I quite like her.
I don’t think that I would make another as my poor fingers ached like crazy whilst making her.

She is made with cotton yarn which may have contributed to the sore fingers as it doesn’t glide so much and involves lots of pulling and tugging.

I cant say it is inexpensive to make because cotton yarn in colours is very costly in comparison to other yarn but you do get a more rigid torso.

I decided all clothing would be in a softer DK baby yarn and her hair is made with a boucle mohair yarn.
I’ve named her after my Grandmother whose name was actually Jenny but my Dad always called her Janie Wisht which always made her giggle.

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