Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Hello Mr Fox Needle Felting

As we no with all of this self isolating the wild life is reclaiming its land and here is Seaham we have spotted a few Foxy Loxy's about. I decided I would like to make a needle felted Fox and I love him so much I may do some more to keep him company.

I wont say he was easy as he wasn't and I left his face until last as I was scared to do it haha!

Just look at that bushy tail.
His legs were tricky little beggers trying to keep them skinny whilst wrapping them.

Did I say he was bendable? well as he has a wire armature it allows you to bend him to the pose you want.

I think he looks right at home in the garden. I need a name for him, can you help? I would love you to give me suggestions in the comments, I quite like Mr --------

1 comment:

Janette said...

He's wonderful Jak, sad about the wildlife, I think it will be hard for them when things get back to normal.x