Tuesday 5 May 2020

Needle Felt Maggie Doll

A needle felt doll is by far the hardest project that I have made so far and although she is far from perfect I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out.

She is free standing and pose-able so the armature needed to be quite sturdy to start the character.

the head took many hours of work and was done over a few days. Her hair was another problem as I only had straight fibers but meet skewers and an oven took car of that for me.

I feel that she needs a necklace or a scarf so that will come next. although I'm giving the finger stabbing a break for a few days.

She is quite happy to sit where I want her to, her dress is made from a felt sheet that I had in my stash, I may need to get some more in different colours.

as her body and head are made separately I can tell you after all of the hours work i was terrified that I would end up with a wobbly head, but, I needn't of worried as it went on perfect.

Hand are the devils work. Her fingers and thumb are each made separately and I stabbed my own fingers several times whilst trying to shape them.

Lets talk feet, they may not be the prettiest but again each toe is made individually and yes she has bunions from wearing her high heels when younger.

Not sure when I will get round to making her a companion as she took so long but I will.

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Penny said...

Really fantastic Jak