Wednesday 22 April 2020

Needle Felted Grey Bunny

I couldn't leave my first needle felted bunny without a companion so here is Oscar a little grey bunny and companion to Rosie, I think you can see that they have become firm buddies.

Isn't he gorgeous? I think Rosie loves him.

He's a real sweetie, I made him more fluffy than Rosie using more Merino fine wool.

I start with using Carded wool for all of my figures as it builds the shapes quickly, the refined and coloured parts are a more refined wool.


Lizbe said...

Lovely cute bunnies Jak from a very talented lady Liz xx

Laurian said...

Oh how absolutely adorabunny! I am in love with them both, such a talented lady!
Thanks for brightening my day xx

Janette said...

Absolutely gorgeous, so sweet, so cute, just love them Jak.x