Saturday 7 March 2015

Adventures of Ted (crochet)

I just couldn’t resist dressing Ted in the Photo Props before I handed them over.

crochet hats and Hammock

I’ve loads more ideas to make more props so I have a feeling my hooks are going to be very busy.

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Mad Mary said...

They are fantastic Jak, me thinks you are having too much fun lol

Mary xx

Mad Mary said...
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Maryann Laursen said...

How sweet and beautiful are these here? What a shame, that you don´t have 9 grandkids like me, cause it would be perfect with soo many to make for, with all the great ideas you always have for great stuff, and they would definitely love it as much too ha ha ha

Linda Simpson said...

Ted looks fabulous modelling your creations.
Linda xxx

gingernuts said...

Hi Jak. As I keep saying you are so talented. They are super. You have inspired me and am going to have a go at crochet have bought a book so here goes. Mavis xx

terrie said...

adorable....and I can see more of your creation...well done Jak

Dawn said...

He's a cool dude indeed! Great model too! lol
Dawn xx