Monday 30 March 2015

Heart Wreath Silhouette Portrait

I bought this wicker heart in the sale at Sainsbury’s and new that I would be able to spruce it up using my Silhouette cutter.

A little bit here

Wicker Heart2

and a little bit there

Wicker Heart3

then turn this.

to this, pretty huh?

Wicker Heart1

Jak Signature


lycar123 said...

It looks so pretty Jak , well done.

Dawn said...

Very pretty! I've often thought these wicker hearts needed a little something! xx

Dawny P said...

Gosh Jak, that is so pretty x

Shazzy183 said...

That's beautiful! X
Sharon x

Mad Mary said...

It's beautiful Jak, never thought to do that with these wicker hearts,,, Hmmmm do i need to buy one now???

Mary xx

terrie said...

It's so did a great job adding the paper flowers
Well done Jak

Nedlnut said...

Love it! What a great idea.

Cheryl W. said...

The flowers you made are so lovely. Great project!

Laurian said...

Great job and now I may have to buy a wicker heart! Thanks for the inspiration xx

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous Jak! I have one of these hearts too, thanks for the inspiration.
Linda xxx