Sunday 29 March 2015

Crochet Ladybug and Busy Bee

I also have been a busy bee and got some more crochet done, a little ladybird and a busy bee for babies photo props.

First up is the Ladybird hat and bum cover.

crochet Ladybird set

Such fun will be had photographing newborns wearing these.

next up is the Busy Bee set, this one has a sting in it’s tail.

crochet busy bee set

I know many of you wonder where I get the patterns, truth is they are either free ones or I make them up I think I got the ladybird one from Ravely

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Dawn said...

These are soooooooo cute Jak!
Dawn xx

CG said...

So adorable! They will make some precious photos. Best, CG

terrie said...

too cute....they would look good on newborns
Well done Jak

Mad Mary said...

They are great Jak, love them both.

Mary xx