Monday 15 December 2014

Dobbin the Crochet Donkey

My latest crochet animal is here, Dobbin the Donkey and this little Character will be going to the receptionist at Create and Craft, Marie has been looking after me for several years and is always interested in what I am up to, she admired both the Lion and the Bunny that I made and wanted both of them so I know he will be going to a good home.

Many of you have asked where I am getting the patterns from, it is a book called Edwards Managerie.




Maryann Laursen said...

He´s sooo cute JAk, and ofcause she´s going to love him, who wouldn´t so that? He is sooo lovable.
You are certainly a lady of many talents, I see with all these amazing things, that always comes from your hands.

Mad Mary said...

He's so cute and i am sure Marie is going to love him. You are a very talented and kind lady Jak.

Mary xx

Linda Simpson said...

What a cutie love him.
Linda xxx

terrie said...

adorable and well done

Janette said...

Oh I so love him Jak, he reminds me of how much my Mother loved cute, glad you mentioned the patterns, I was about to ask...xx

Sandra H said...

Awww so cute!

Dawn said...

Such a wee cutie! I absolutely love him too!
Dawn xx