Monday 22 December 2014

Christmas Wrapped Up

Well nearly anyway, I’ve just about finished, 2 more things to wrap and my job here will be done, This year I decided I would use lots of brown paper, I used a high quality roll 50 metres of the stuff and then some contrasting wrapping papers, red bows kraft gift tags and I am awaiting 2 x 25metre rolls of ribbon to arrive to tie packages together, if it doesn’t get here they will just have to wobble.

wrapped up

How are you all getting on?

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The Craft Bucket said...

Good job done Jak, not started wrapping yet but that is my favourite job which I hope to do tomorrow afternoon. Just putting some finishing touches to my Son & Daughters cards! Merry Christmas love Jane x

Sue said...

All finished now thank goodness.
All the best to you and yours x

lycar123 said...

Just got 2 left to wrap, mr T's. Veggie shopping tomorrow morning then taking mum on the cemetery and crematorium run with the holly wreaths. Will batten down the hatches when we get back and not go out til after the big day .
Have a great day with your lovely family Jak x
Lynne T x

Dawn said...

Great taste Jak! I have also used mainly kraft brown & red for my gifts this year! lol! Looks great! xx
A very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to you & yours!
Dawn xx

Janette said...

Just about ready Jak, it's been hard this year, but hey-ho....looking forward to the day....have a good one, enjoy..xx