Monday 23 December 2013

Glamour Dust Amazing Use–Nail Art

Sometimes you stumble upon something and just love the effect and this week I did just that, clearing away my Christmas craft stash and found my glamour dust, no crafter should be without this stuff.

I used Shellac UV Gel on my nails and had a play with the glamour dust adding it to one of the layers and this is the effect.

Glamour Dust Nails

Now I realised that without enlarging the picture it was hard to see the magical effect so I got Chris to video it for me.


I prefer clear nail varnish for my nails but this just gives it a spiced up look, love it.

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Patti J said...

They look so pretty, Jak! And you have beautiful hands...mine are short and stubby, and my nails are not at all pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Emma Burns said...

Hi Jak. I have been playing with my glamour dust all week. It is great stuff. Once I finish the last of my cards (yes still making them for neighbours) I think I will copy this little tip of yours! Brill! xxx

Kathyk said...

Oh WOW! This looks splendid ... and so festive too. Presume that was crystal GD? Wonder what it looks like with GOLD

Seasons Greetings, have a very twinkly Christmas


Mad Mary said...

Fab nails jak, i too have Glamour Dust somewhere in my crafting stash... I now know what to do if i need to sparkle up my nails..Thanks for a fantastic idea.

Mary xx

Wendy L said...

Gorgeous Jak, but I dont have good nails, they always snap. xxx
Merry Christmas. xxx

Paper Junkie said...

Your nails look fab Jak but mine will never look like this as I have to keep them short to play my ukulele and as I'm always up at my allotment you would not like to see a photo of mine! Hope you and your lovely family have a super Christmas and New Year and many thanks for all your wonderful inspiration. XZ

Maryann Laursen said...

I´m like you and also preffer the clear, but also agree, this looks fantastic and sooo glamourous.
Thanks for the great tip, it´ll definitely be saved.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year with all your loved ones around now.
Thanks for everything in this year, and I look forward to lots of great inspiration from you again next year Jak.

Janette said...

Very pretty look for thwe season Jak...
Have a merry Christmas.x

Mary R. said...

Hi Jak,

I like this look. I just don't get black fingernails. I know everyone has different tastes, this is perfect.