Saturday 14 December 2013

Little Shepherd Boy

I know I am bias but it has to be sad Jack makes a very angelic shepherd boy, he had his Nativity play at school and even had some lines to rehearse and was so pleased with himself for knowing them off by heart.


he stayed over with us last night, so he came out with us shopping today and was as good as gold, we went to our local butchers to get the meat for the week and something which Jack calls my special meat and he had 3 slices of it, actually it is tongue, much to his Mams dismay he loves it after trying some I bought for myself.

Jak Signature


Tammy said...

How precious! Fabulous layout and photos!

Sue said...

He looks so chuffed with himself Jak
Love your layout.
I am surprised he likes tongue.

Diane said...

He looks so cute! I bet he loves looking at the page you do of him.

Dawn said...

Cute little shepherd! Well done on learning those lines! xx

Janette said...

He looks precious Jak, what wonderful moments to treasure.x

CraftyJo said...

Of course you're biased - it's a Grandmother's prerogative :)

Maryann Laursen said...

He sure is the cutest little sheppard, that´s for sure, and then it´s okay to be biased ha ha ha

Sandra H said...

Oh how proud you must feel......this is really lovely x

cleantea said...

you are entitled to be biased. you are his granny. he sure does look cute. I used to love tongue, but the butchers are not allowed to sell it here now apparently common market law. another stupid and useless ruling

Mad Mary said...

He's one gorgeous wee boy, I love the page you have made with the wonderful pictures of Jack. I must admit tongue is one of the few meats i don't eat.
Well done wee man xx

Mary xx

lolo said...

j'adore ces photos
merci de nous les présenter
a tres bientot et bonnes fetes de fin d'année