Sunday 17 November 2013

and all that……..

I’m slowly getting there, Christmas shopping is officially a drag. Every year I’m going to start early and be prepared but it never ever happens.

Is it just me? I’m sure others are struggling too. Nobody seams to know what they want and each year just gets even more difficult.

My Mam is the tops this year as she told me straight away what she would like, easy peasy bought straight away with no fuss, just some surprises to sort out.

The worst to buy for is my eldest daughter Lauren, she hasn’t got a clue what she wants. Youngest daughter Natalie all done and dusted.

This year our Grandson Jack is getting a new coat, I would like a few surprise bits that he would enjoy but my Mam always got my girls new coats which helped me out immensely so I thought I would carry on the tradition.

I’ve started the humongous job of sorting out my craft stash, I really need to get my craft room organised, the heap on the desk just keeps growing that I fear I will be buried underneath it never to be found again.

Are you all done?

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Joyce said...

Jo, I could have written the above myself!'
Christmas presents? '''What do you want'
No ideas ... We must all have been too good
To our children / families. As a child, I always
Knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. These
days it just seems to get harder each year! Is
It our age or what !!
And as for my Craft Room!! Well, least
Said, soonest mended!! Keep at it! xx

Patti J said...

I think times are so different. Our kids don't have to wait until Christmas or birthdays anymore. If they want something, they get it. Sigh... I worked in my room today too!

Aunty Sue said...

Oh The Same Here Not Even My Eight Year Old Nephew Knows What He Wants

Unknown said...

I hate giving money or vouchers as I feel it demonstrates a lack of thought or care but to be honest, I feel that for the youngsters now it is definitely the best gift. Hate doing it but that's what they seem to want! Thank goodness for Amazon!

Dawn said...

Lol! My craft stuff is in turmoil, shopping half doe (the easy half) lot's of birthdays to deal with before Christmas so no, I'm not nearly done!
Good Luck Jak, see you on the other side!
Dawn xx

My'scardcorner said...

Know what you mean Jak and my twos birthdays are 18 and 27 so different presents for that Eldest granddaughter is going to Australia for 1 year so money for her and some surprises making her sister the same so just the elder ones and boy are they hard to get for.Love the idea of a new coat for Jack abig help to your daughter Im sure.Good luck with the craft room my craft bits need sorting out too but they;ll be nothing like yours.Keep dry as its pouring down up here today.

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh dear, it sounds sooo familiar to me all of it, bioth about the christmaspresents and also the crafroo too he he.
I think everybody is too spoiled now a days, cause even small kids just have everythin, it seems, so they don´t know, what to wish for anymore, cause they already have everything. We have been discussing, if we should just give the parents the money, so they could maybe collect the money from all, and then just buy them one big thing, they really need from all of us, but on the other hand, I´ve always sais myself, that if people didn´t even want to find me a nice present, then don´t bother, but then as someone said above, times is just not what they were anymore, so I might have to change that opinion too sigh.
About my craftroom, then it always needs to be sorted, and even I do, then it´s just another day, and it needs to again ha ha ha. But again, if I should get lost inthere, then I at least would die happy with something I love, and that would be more than most peole can say, wouldn´t it?

christi said...

craft room's a mess. shopping ha ha ha! I thought about decorating. ... still thinking. so use to love this time of year. need my mojo back!

CraftyJo said...

Last year, as one son had just been laid-off from his job, the other lives in California and wants for nothing! - we decided on no gifts at all. What's the point in buying just for the sake of buying? We had a nice time anyway (and of course, I did get a little something for everyone to open, just a box of choccies mostly).

I'd like to do the same this year, there's nothing we want and I don't need anymore 'stuff' in my house. I've bought a few things for my grand-daughter but she's not having tons of stuff. At 3.5 she's not asked for anything - that'll come later.

I am all finished with my xmas cards though - feel a great sense of achievement there - they're on my blog if you want any ideas:

Mary R. said...

I vow each year to be on top of things the next year, but I never manage to follow through with it. It is harder to shop now because people by themselves whatever they want, when they want it. No more wishing and hoping like when we were kids. Shoot, we got baked goods, fruit and nuts and thought that was grand!

Janette said...

Mine all know what they want and how much it costs...I'm heading for the hills I tell ya....every year it gets

Mad Mary said...

I just give everyone cash now Jak unless they actually say what they want. I am no longer trailing shops, making myself ill with worry and then they not liking or wanting what i have bought.

Mary x