Saturday 2 November 2013

All Cakes–No Calories

Healthy options when it comes to cakes it probably one of the hardest things to find, we all have that urge to grab a cake as a put me off till dinner time when out and about and cafe’s just seam to have the biggest and best to tempt that sweet toothed devil inside of us.

I can honestly say there is very few cakes that I don’t like.

I decided to do a little research to find the best choices for me to stay on the healthy eating track.

I browsed the internet for hours on end and the choices seamed to be make your own for anything decent until I found these beauties.

cream cakes 1Mouth watering huh!

they are totally calorie free.

Strawberry Tart

cream cakes 2 

Cherry Iced Coconut Sponge

cream cakes 3

Iced Bun

cream cakes 5

Chocolate Éclair

cream cakes 4

I have to stop this now because I know your mouths will be watering with the delight of these and they are fake cakes, aren’t they amazing?

They are all made from clay, full sized Tea Room cakes that would fool anyone.

I am going to look at them and drool, I bought them as props, I think the person that made these is pretty amazing, I may even have a go at doing some when I get some time.

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Maryann Laursen said...

Ha ha ha ha Love this, and it just reminds me of one of the most wonderful gags, I´ve ever made to someone too. It was actually my boss many years ago, when I was the leader of a delicatesse in a big supermarket, and he was always popping in with us inthere and knew, we had a drawer where we used to keep a little sweets or chocolates, if we suddenly felt the urge for somesweet bites, both me and the girls had our stuff inthere, and he just couldn´t leave it, but always grabbed in there whenever he came in, several times a day LOL, so one year just before christmas, we decided to give him a lesson, and I made a box of filled chocolates in a real nice real box, just replaced the chocolates with some made of saltdough and then decorated exactly like the real ones,(which we girls ate, before he ever saw them he he) and then we sat this on his desk, as a christmaspresent for him without any words of anything, and I still remember the knock I got on my shoulder from him, after he had tryed to eat one of them about an hour later ha ha ha ha ha.
Thanks god he was the kind, who could see the laugh of it and didn´t get mad, and it sure made that workingday a really good one for all of us, I can tell ha ha ha.
Have a great week-end now everyone.

Linda Simpson said...

Drooling, they look so real!

Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

They look amazing, actually had me going and thought you had discovered some amazing recipe :)

pinky said...

Oh that was bad, thought you have found an unbelievable recipe for sugar and fat free treats lol

Tammy said...

Ha-ha, I was waiting for that! Beautiful cakes though!

Mad Mary said...

Luckily i am one of the few people that don't like cakes so these done nothing for me, they look very realistic though don't they.

Mary x

My'scardcorner said...

They all look brilliant bu must admit Ive just had the real thing today .