Tuesday 8 October 2013

This and That

Meet Jess, she is my Mams cat, an old lady now but her very good companion and baby.

Everything is much slower going now, she took an age to get in this position and then once she did get there she just couldn’t be bothered to clean herself.


Poor thing, we then had the same malarkey for her to get out of this position.

She was a rescue cat and was always very nervous, would never let you pick her up but would get on your lap of her own accord and purrs like a tiger when stroked.

She lets Mam pick her up now.

Yesterday was Chris’s 50th Birthday. Love this man to the moon and back again.


We both took the day off work and spent some time together.

During which he would take his old bike to have the brakes upgraded using his birthday money, I went along to the shop with him then we would go for lunch.

We popped back t the bicycle shop as h wanted something else adding to the bike and then it happened……….

I got my eye on a new bike, I know, I know it was his Birthday but I just couldn’t help myself.

I bought a Cannondale Quick 3X 2014



I have however left it at the shop until Christmas time and I intend using all of my Christmas Pennies towards it.

I also know that it is a mans bike but it was better than the ladies so that was that.

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hollis58 said...

Chris looks very smart (and slim) in his uniform - Happy Belated Birthday x

Mad Mary said...

I used to have a tortie like your mum. D.D, lived to be 19 & 1/2. 5 years later and i still miss her, she too was a very nervous cat and only came on your knee when it suited her also. What a lovely Christmas pressie to yourself Jak and I hope Chris had a lovely Birthday yesteday too.

Mary xx

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday to you hubby, looks like a good day was had, my Hubby is drooling over the new bike, Jak...LOL...love your Mum's cat, she is beautiful xxx

Dawn said...

Lol! Poor old kitty! We got two rescue cats when our old boy passed away earlier this year.We had no end of bother with them for ages as their little tummies were upset! The vet decided it was most likely food sensitivity so we're slowly working our way forward! They are great entertainment now though!
What I'd like to know is what's poor Chris getting for Christmas??? ROFL
Dawn xx

heidy said...

Happyy belated birthday to Chris,nice to spend the day together!!
Love your mums cat and what an awesome bike Jak,hope you make a lot safe miles on it!!
XXX Heidy

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Jak, gorgeous kitty, my lovely cat has gone missing I do miss him so much.
Love the pic of Chris in uniform so smart!

Candy said...

Hi Jak,
Poor little kittie!
Happy Birthday to Chris :o) - most handsome picture.
Love your new bike!
Hugs, Candy

Dawn Louise said...

Bless her she looks comfortable and can tell been well looked after and we all have to grow older I suppose. my two little fur babies are still being cared for at the vets or as my little girl says the kitten hospital, they've had it tough since 2 weeks old I'm hoping they both make it home this week. but wow get you two on bikes that's brill. fabulous pic a man in uniform you lucky lady lol. Happy days and happy crafting

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Ahhh...we have 4 inside cats-all rescue's that chose to be inside-one girl who has her own room (smart girl!) and one outside cat who I am hoping will move inside this winter. The senior citizen of the bunch is the same way--gets where he is going and forgets what he was doing! Hmm---some days are like that for me! Blessings, Sharon