Wednesday 16 October 2013


Mo had a great idea yesterday... so we decided to have some extra fun last night with the images from the “Owl the Same….or Not” blog hop.
For the hop we demonstrated how following a specific theme is not the same as copying, and now we are showing that looking at someone else’s art and drawing from it is copyright infringement…even if you make some changes to the image and do not trace. (I think we all agree that tracing is copying.)
Mission Copycat: We randomly selected another artist’s drawing and used that image as a reference to create a new drawing. As an extra twist, one of the copycat drawings is done by a not-so-secret Copycat Bandit…someone who does not draw on a regular basis. (Thanks, Jak!!) She did such a great job! We all agreed that if she decided to be a criminal, she co...uld go into the digital stamp business like other copycats, and she could successfully sell her “art” as stamps.
Originality is what makes something art, and creating something original takes creativity and time. It was eye-opening to see how quickly the copied drawings could be completed--a fraction of the time an original piece takes, as quickly as 15 minutes in some cases. It is a lot less work to fill a store with images by copying the work of someone else…much easier than trying to provide a variety of images that are original.
Remember, our own Copycat Bandit (who does not draw for a living) was able to draw a nice illustration by copying. She proved for us how easy it is to go into business by being a copyright infringer.


Now more FUN! See if you can guess who copied whom. There are prizes involved!! Everyone who guesses all of the copycats will have a chance to win a free digi or shop credit from the blog hop shops. Enter by sending an email to The email should have a list from 1-6 and you can fill in who you think did the copy. The copied images are numbered and on the right of the originals, see the graphic provided. Your choices are Mabelle, Faith, Lori, Mo, Jak, and Elizabeth. Have fun!!See More

Thank you Faith for organising this.
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OMG Jak it just proves it....and yes, your copy cat could go into