Sunday 20 October 2013

Domestic Goddess

I’ve been very busy behind scenes lately making loads and loads of samples for our next launch at La Pashe. So yesterday I became a domestic Goddess and here is my results.

It has been ages sice i did this sort of thing because quite frankly it just doesn’t go hand in hand with being good and choosing the healthy options in food, especially if like me guissy pig comes to mind.

I know you are counting them knowing that one is missing.


It was fun getting to this stage, I may even confess that some icing just fell into my mouth.

Some icing swirls.


And some cheating wafer daisies


Yum yum do you think?

Now before I let you go thinking that one of the cakes is buried deep inside my tummy, here is the reason and it isn’t Grandson Jack.


As you can see from the one in front of the decorated cupcakes I didn’t eat any because…..

They’re FAKE they are props for my next launch.

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Maryann Laursen said...

Ha ha ha ha ha You knew wxactly, what we would all think right away, when we saw these didn´t you? ha ha ha. Such a little cheater you are today, but I love the idea, and have to admit, I´ve done something complete simular once. It just wasn´t cakes but a box of filled chocolates, that I replaced with the exact same ieces, just made up in saltdough and decorated exactly as the real pieces of chocolates with real chocolate and almonds and nuts and stuff on top of them, so they looked completely real, , but.............. they weren´t good to eat thoug, even some tryed ha ha ha.

Dawn said...

Beautiful! Shame we can't eat them though! lol xx

Linda Simpson said...

These are fabulous props! You almost had me convinced they were real :)

Linda xxx

Unknown said...

LOL, Jak, my mouth was watering there, you horrid tease, you, LOL..brilliant props, look yummy and good enough to eat, xxxx

Janette said...

Now that's naughty but

Mad Mary said...

Lol Jak, they look very real. I am one of the few people that just doesn't like cakes. Love the mixture before it goes in the oven but just don't like it once it's baked.... Will be watching out for your new launch.

Mary xx