Saturday 14 September 2013

What a week–all good

Lots of things happening. My youngest Daughter Natalie moved in with her boyfriend Adam, so pleased for them both, they are so happy together.

nat adam2

It feels sort of strange that there is now just the two of us to think about for meals and the likes but exciting to start a new venture together without the children.

The second thing that happened was my other Daughter Lauren changed back to her normal hair colour rather than highlight, I think it’s has to be 15 years since she had her own colour.

Lauren hair

I love her with dark hair.

Then a big surprise for me today, I was trying on some trousers and I have down sized two sizes since we started healthy eating, I didn’t actually get any clothes but only because the ones I tried were too big “yay”.

Jak Signature


hollis58 said...

well done Jak x

Chris Heath said...

I love you Mrs H.
Mr H.

Lisa Jane said...

Sounds like a Brilliant week for all concerned lol - well done you for losing more weight
Lisa x

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic news Jak, you have 2 lovely daughters and so well done on your continued weight loss.

Mary xx

Kathyk said...

Lovely pix of your family and WELL DONE you on your dropping two dress sizes too - CONGRATULATIONS


Maryann Laursen said...

WOW certainly some big changes in many ways, but just wait and see, you´ll soon enjoy your new childfree life, as it also gives you lots of new possibilities too, and big CONGRATS with the cool weightloss too. Well done mrs H ha ha ha.
have a great week-end

Dawn said...

Two beautiful girls who take after thier mam clearly! Well done on the downsizing! xxx

Tammy said...

Wonderful news all around!

Candy said...

A lovely good news week!
Congratulations for loosing more weight.
Hugs, Candy

Cheryl W. said...

So happy you've had a wonderful week - with happiness spread throughout the family!

heidy said...

Wonderful news Jak!!
XXX Heidy

JaniceinLincs said...

Aww thats lovely! It always feels good when our kids grow up well :-). Well done with the weight loss - great feeling eh? I really noticed how much slimmer you are looking when you were on tv last! xx

Linda Simpson said...

Two beautiful daughters like their mum. Congratulations on our downsizing 2 dress sizes. I must say you do look amazing when I see you on C & C. Enjoy your weekend.

Linda xxx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Three super happenings sweetie. Congrats on the size loss.