Sunday 2 December 2012

How to Keep Jack at the Dinner Table

At 3 years of age the Christmas dinner table can be quite daunting trying to sit long enough to get dinner over and done with when really all you want to do is play with your toys, Jack is such a lively character now and meal times have always been a chore with him, he is such a fussy eater that it normally ends up with bribery not the best solution but when your child will not eat sometimes it is the only way.

So I think Creations by AR may have solved my problem for me with this gorgeous little House Box Ornament



I just need to figure out what to put inside it from Santa Claus if he eats his dinner, at the moment I have a flickering candle (battery operated) but I think if I add a treat and sit it on the table saying Santa has left it for him but only if he eats his dinner it might just work.

Any ideas what I can put in it for him?

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Sue from Oregon said...

Green Beans LOL!!!
Great project Jak...tickled to have you on the team!

Unknown said...

JAK, this is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love this! It reminds me of my very first Christmas ornament that I bought for my first Christmas as a married lady. Behind the window was a silhouette of me me and my husband. Just love this!

Patti J said...

Beautiful, Jak! vote is for chocolate (I get WAY too many green beans on this diet!) and lots of it!!! So happy you're on the team!

Marcie S said...

Good Evening:
So adorable--- what about a tiny car - like a matchbox car. Little boys love that.
Your work is so marvelous!

Candy said...

Oh your little house is wonderful!
Great idea for Jack.
How about Lego?
Hugs, Candy

Mary Roberson said...

My vote would be for candy and a toy-or something he really enjoys. Cute project by the way. xoxox


terrie said...

I agree maybe a toy like small cars or trucks...

Maybe a little note from Santa...

A treat that Jack would like to eat...

Nice project!

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful Jak, wonderful details!

Becky Sorensen said...

A good for him treat with a note from Santa saying that it is his favorite or a car!!! Calvin would eat dinner for a toy car, he only has about 300 of those little matchbox's here at our house because Uncle Keith spoils him rotten!!!! It is beautiful by the way!

Becky Sorensen said...

A good for him treat with a note from Santa saying that it is his favorite or a car!!! Calvin would eat dinner for a toy car, he only has about 300 of those little matchbox's here at our house because Uncle Keith spoils him rotten!!!! It is beautiful by the way!

Dawn said...

Beautiful little house! I reckon a little car or a train would do the trick!
Dawn xx

Sue said...

This is gorgeous. I love the design and the decoration. I think you have already had lots of good suggestions on here as to what to put inside it.


Linda Simpson said...

Hi Jak this is gorgeous, you could put a small toy inside like a car or whatever he likes at the moment. A great idea and I hope Jack stays at the table.

Linda xxx

Colleen said...

That is adorable.
I remember growing up that we always ate first and then we got to open up our presents.

Now for the ideas.

a small book

flash cards with animals, etc. on them,cards with numbers, or some with pictures of items they recognize with the first letter on the card. ABC flash cards are good at this age.

new character toothbrush

Thomas the Train engine pieces

Small stuffed animal

fruit snacks

a new bath toy

If he likes to color how about small box of crayons and small coloring book- store bought or homemade. (lots of free coloring sheets on the internet)


Maryann Laursen said...

The house is just absolutely gorgeous JAk, and for the ideas to put inside it, I´m into the small cars, and it don´t have to be big expensive ones. Here in Denmark, we can get a pack with 30 different smalll cars for a tiny amount, and I know, when my boys were small, they just loved all these different cars and collected them for years, and I still havae a huge box of them standing here for the grandkids to play with, and they love them, so maybe it would be fun to see, what new car Santa had for him each day, when he has finished his dinner? It sure worked here.

Tammy said...

How adorable and clever! Maybe you could hide it under a napkin and he gets to see it when he's done?

Colleen said...

Another suggestion, and it worked for my 4 yr. old granddaughter@Thanksgiving.
We used a small (6 cup) divider muffin tin and prepared foods that she liked and put each food item into each muffin cup along with a new food item for her to try;something she hadn't had before.
Little kids like finger food items. Eating something that kids really enjoy is better then eating nothing at all.

Penny said...

The little house is adorable Jack, had to go and get the plans for it. how about crayons or pencils, if it would fit the house.

Tethered2Home said...

Duck tape ... oh sorry that's one of the only ways to keep my youngest still is to tape him.
Actually, we use to have a little piece of paper with a "visual eye spy", with pics of what you wanted them to find. At my mum's there were so many nic-nacs, that that would keep them quite busy & not too loud, except when they spotted the item.
Beautiful project!
Be well, Amy.

doreenj said...

Love the box, Jak, how about those golden chocolate coins? bath toy? pencils? Not too sure of the size, though,

Doreen x

Carole said...

Lovely little project Jak, i'm sure Jak will eat his dinner so he can look inside. Those little lego kits you get for £5 would be great, if its taken out of the box (the pieces are in a plastic bag just small enough to put inside) and grandad can help him to put it together after lunch while you have a!! My son Richard loved them and its a nice introduction to lego at his age.

Carole x

Michelle Quinno said...

We have a two year old at my house who is the same.

crafty joan said...

Love it Jak -what will i get if i eat all of my dinner up?( which would be impossible as there is so much) Love Mam.