Wednesday 2 March 2011

Psssssst... New Downloads

Ohh big news.. you can now get decoupage downlaods from La Pashe!

Whats more there are 6 new Flippin Woman to download, never been seen. What this means to you is you now have the ability to print them out to your own computer when ever you need them once downloaded. Get them First, only just been released this morning.

New ones include

Flippin Fashion

Flippin Pregnant

Flippin Bowls (lady)

Flippin Painting

Flippin Cook

Flippin Scooter

You can see get all of the downloads here


pinky said...

Brilliant hope the build a blossom ones will be downloads too:)

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if the trinitage was downloadable at some stage and build a blossom too).. I got the Christmas ones and I love, love, love them. This is the way to go with decoupage items, my postie ALWAYS manages to crease ones I buy no matter how well they are packaged!

Merry said...

What a brilliant idea.

Shelly Schmidt said...

This is excellent- because the postage to the USA is sky high!!! LOL