Saturday 19 March 2011

Brilliant Day

We set off quite early this morning 7:30 am and made our way to Harrogate Papercraft Extravaganza and on arrival we were greeted by the exhibition Cow "Daisy".
The day was manic busy with lots of crafters armed with shoppers all awaiting to fill them up at whatever caught their eye.
I was doing demo's with the Build a Blossom and I did so many I have a blister.
I love it when someone watches me transform the flat sheet into a thing of natural beauty before their eyes and the disbelief at how easy they are to make until they see for themselves.
A very satisfying feeling indeed.
We had a marvelous day and after a good nights sleep I should be ready for round 2 tomorrow.

The display stand are really for Cupcakes and i saw them on facebook purchased by Nicola Joliffe one of my crafty friends and thought they would be perfect for the Build a Blossom flowers to showcase them.

I think they look like they should be in a flower boutique.

I must add that not 1 cup of tea came my way today from crafty friends (how rude) lol!


Lori m said...

Gorgeous display! Wish I could have come across the Ocean to watch you make these in person with a cup of tea for you. :)

Lisa Jane said...

Your display and Demo's were fabulous Jak....and i have my blossoms all ready to have a go.
My Brooch is lovely and was admired by many .. thank you - just sorry i didnt have a cuppa for you lol
It was lovely to meet you at long last .. make sure you have a rest before tomorrows show .. they are all in for a treat i can guarantee that!
The chaps on your stand were very helpful too.. a great team!
take care
Lisa x

Cherie said...

Hi Jac,
I agree with Lisa the build a blossom flowers are totally amazing... they look and feel so real, when made up.
Thank you for creating a beautiful idea, it was a brilliant day.
Hope your back feels better after a good rest.
Have another good day tomorrow.
Hugs cherie

Heather said...

Your flowers are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could see you make them. TFS

Unknown said...

hey have a great day tomorrow, will need to get onto Nic and ask when she is going to fill her stands up with cup cakes and invite me for a cuppa hehe, the flowers look great on the stands......and dont be shy, if you want a cuppa ask someone, Im sure anyone would go get you one, or just drop big hints like laying on your back with legs in the air and tongue hanging out hehe have a grand day wish I was closer I would bring you a flask of tea xx

AngMac said...

We stood and watched one of your demos and couldnt wait to get home and have a go - I had previously bought series 1 and had most already cut out so wasted no time! I am now the proud owner of all series 1 & 2 cut out, made up - glittered and ready to add to my cards!
Thank you for showing just how easy they really are to do. All too often we hear people say oh its so easy - and yes it may be after making 100's - but you're true to your word - they are!!! And yes - anyone can do them and achieve that professional finish!
Thank you

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Jak i love build a blossom and have both sets i would have loved to see you in action!.They do look just gorgeous in the pic.Glad you enjoyed your day!

Dawn said...

Glad you had a good day Jak! Hope today is even better & some kind soul brings you that cuppa!
Your stands are perfect!
Dawn xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak, your display looks stunning, I love the cupcake stands idea it shows them off a treat. I have bought a set of the Build a Blossoms they are lovely great to put on the top of boxes as you have! Are you going to be at the NEC, if you are I will definately buy you a cup of tea!! Ha Ha.

tilly said...

Hi Jak, sounds like you had a great day, these flowers are just lush, so very pretty, enjoy Sunday
Tilly x

sallysbitz2 said...

Looks like you had a fab day x

Your display looks amazing.
Today you will probably be overloaded with tea Lol

Have another good day & take plenty of plasters for those blisters Lol

hugs sally x

hollis58 said...

WoW!!! they look gorgeous Jak - please tell me how you did the card with the lattice background .....

Ursula said...

Wish I could be there with you, rather a long drive tho'. Your display is stunning, put together like that they are toooooo beautiful. Well done Jak. Luv XXXXX

Dawn Frost said...

Your Display is gorgeous Jak, what a fantastic idea! Sorry I can't bring you a cup of tea I'm in Canada, but I'll think of you toiling away over your flowers!

Mad Mary said...

What a fab display Jak, you are right this is the perfect way to show the gorgeous flowers.
Hope you don't hurt your fingers too much today. Have a great 2nd day.


Elaine’s Card Crafting said...

You would never believe they are made from paper, spectacular display!

Christine said...

Awww Jak I missed your gutted hope your going in Sept?? wot a rotten lot not getting you T & cakes..
cant believe I missed you I went round that hall 4 times..
I had a 122 mile round trip from Filey..

smiles Christine xx

Merry said...

All these flowers are so beautiful Jak. I have bought some for my Mum for her birthday last week and now I can't wait to see what she does with them. they are so lifelike.

Construction hard hats said...

Very Awesome Flower Boutique they are with the Great colour combination.I Like the Decoration of the flowers.

katrina said...

Fabulous Display

Anonymous said...

Hi Jak Your stand was beautiful and you are a very talented lady.It was lovely meeting you at last. Nearly ever day I check your blog. I was the lady who was talking to you about your bathroom. My name is Catarina and I am in the crafters re-united forum. I am sorry I didn't bring you a cuppa but I bet next time you are there you will be sick of drinking it. xxx